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Posted: November 3rd, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Investor Visas, Sarasota Immigrants | No Comments »

Boris For German-born Boris Bischof of Sarasota, perseverance has paid off.
On his forth year of trying, this year he won the green card diversity
Lottery. “At first, I thought it was a sham,” Bischof recalls
receiving his congratulations letter in early June. But he then
recognized his entry number and rejoiced in being one of the lucky. . .
55,000 chosen winners?

”Actually, they pick 100,000 people to be the winners, because
immigration knows that about half of them don’t get the right
documentation or don’t have the qualifications,” Bischof says. ”I’m
excited about it, but I’ll only really be happy and jumping when I have
it in my hand.”

Bischof, an avid jet-skier and sun worshipper, is presently in Sarasota
Florida on an E2 Work Visa, acting as Director of Lasersoft Imaging, a
high-end scanner software originating in Germany. When his number comes
up, he will be able to adjust to a renewable ten-year green card
residency. ”This represents an enormous amount of freedom for me. My
job is linked directly to that Visa, I could take any job now.” Most
importantly, he won’t have to worry about renewing his work Visa every
few years, a procedure Bischof says makes him feel like ”a persona non
grata beggar.”

Bischof said he was glad that he filed his entry through an agency. ”I
hate the thought of having something incomplete, or wrongly filled

When asked whether he thought Germany really was underrepresented in
America, Boris smiles. ”I don’t know, but to be perfectly honest, I
don’t care! Fact is I won!” As soon as he has the green card, he will
look forward to the next step, citizenship. ”I didn’t think like that
5 years ago, but now with the new president, I love being here. I fit
in here now.”

Jaensch Immigration Law Firm did not represent Bischof with his lottery
submission or application for permanent residence after he was selected
for the lottery. However, the law firm offers both services. It can
process a lottery submission for an eligible candidate for $150 per
person. As a part of its service, the law firm evaluates whether the
person meets the lottery requirements and whether the person will meet
the admissibility requirements should they be selected in the lottery.
The firm’s lottery registration page is located at