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Roman Jasek: How to be a Successful Immigrant-Entrepreneur

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Sarasota Immigrant from Czech Republic offers home theater installation and explains why more and more Czech immigrants are calling Sarasota-Bradenton home.

Roman Jasek is one of 1.5 million people who immigrate to the United States every year.  What’s more, he is an immigrant who came to America to work and build a business.  Recently, we sat down with Roman to talk about his story.  Please enjoy. Tell us about your background.

Roman Jasek:  I come from the Czech Republic.  In university in Brno I studied electrical engineering.  But even before college I had started a clothing wholesale company and after college I began modeling and doing catwalk shows. That’s a departure.

RJ: Yes, but I was good at it.  I even won the Mr. Czech Republic in 1995.  Unfortunately, in 1997 I got into a car accident and wasn’t able to do any modeling after that. What did you decide to do then?

RJ: I decided to follow up on my childhood dream to come to the United States. Why that dream?

RJ: I had always wanted more than what the Czech Republic could provide me.  I remember as a teenager telling my parents that I wanted to leave the Czech Republic, that was before the fall of the Communist regime.  With the interruption of my modeling career I decided it was time to realize my goal.  I sold or gave everything away.  When I arrived in the US I had $800.  I didn’t speak any English. What do you do now?

RJ: I run a company called Audio and Communications Experts.  We install home theaters, home automation systems, lighting control, central vacuum systems and more.  I estimate we’ve worked on over 250 houses since we started.  Our website is

Home theaters are one of the many things that Roman Janesk can do.

Home theaters are one of the many things that Roman Janesk can do. Tell us more about your services.

RJ: Our two most popular services are home theater design and home automation.

The first step to home theater design is determining if you want a traditional home theater or a dedicated home theater.  A traditional home theater is set up in an area such as a family room or living room, so there’s already an existing space along with furniture.  Clients choose from plasma or LED screens, projectors and speaker set-ups, and we discuss what audio/video selection will provide the best viewing & listening enjoyment.

A dedicated home theater features custom designed seating, lighting, sound and picture. We understand this is a big investment in time and money, so we work with you to create a movie theater feel right in your own home.

We start with a few basic questions about the design:

  • How big is the room you want to transform? This will determine the overall layout and sound design.
  • How many people do you want the room to hold? We work with contractors who create a custom designed seating configuration. You can choose from anything from stadium seating to all-leather couches.
  • Lastly, we need to determine how large a screen will fit in the room.  Using a basic formula of the screen being one half the size of the distance from where you sit, we’ll help you pick the right monitor, projector screen etc.

Ambient lighting is important because it not only sets the tone of your home theater room, it also determines what kind of projector or television you purchase.  Lighting can be as simple as using dimmers.  We also install lighting to our clients’ specifications.

An example of a custom-built in-home theater

An example of a custom-built in-home theater Tell us more about home automation.

RJ: Imagine an iPad or touch panel that takes care of lights, drapes, HVAC, and A/V with one touch.  A door that can tell you when your teenager gets home.  A sprinkler system that knows the weather forecast and a garage door that remembers to close itself if left open.  That’s what we call Home Automation.

There is no better or more economical time to design and install a home wiring system than while your home is being constructed.  Don’t limit the dream home you are building today to technologies that will be obsolete tomorrow.  With the proper design and materials, your new home will be ready for the future of digital technology.

Your home’s wiring is the skeleton upon which your future electronic lifestyle is built. Audio/video structured wiring solutions start with a centralized wiring panel that is organized, easy to service and able to be modified to cater to your needs and the design of your home.

Because future technologies are uncertain, the best way to ensure that your home wiring will be compatible is to design in a level of expandability from the beginning. With the right combination of Category 5 telephone wire, RG-6 coaxial cable and speaker wire you can be sure that you will have the right cable and available bandwidth throughout your home.

The most versatile wire you will install in your home is known in the industry as “Category 5″ cable. It is ideal for phones, fax machines, computer modems, computer networks, and as control wire for today and tomorrow’s sophisticated home automation and distributed audio/video systems.  We only use the highest quality Category 5 cable in designs that consider present needs and future possibilities.

Because you live with your home’s wiring system for a very long time, selecting the right company for its design and installation is critical.  Our highly trained and experienced staff of installation technicians will ensure that your home wiring is done properly the first time – on time and on budget.

We have the expertise not only in the wiring of your home, but also in the audio/video and home automation systems that must be made to work with that wiring.  We can plan the system, pre-wire your new home, then do the final installation of your home theater, multi-room audio/video system, or even your sophisticated home automation system.

Home Automation is the wave of the future.

Home Automation is the wave of the future. We hear you have been very busy lately.

RJ: I am one of the few contractors who does what I do with an Electric Specialty License.  This has really helped me get more work from builders.  I’ve also noticed that the number of Czech immigrants to the Sarasota-Bradenton area has increased in recent years.  When we first started I had close to 0 Czech clients, now Czechs make up about 20% of my clients.  Of course, since I am Czech, this is a nice niche to be able to service. What do you think is bringing the Czechs to Sarasota?

RJ: Many Czechs are coming, buying houses, starting companies and patronizing local businesses.  They are attracted by the affordable housing prices and the beautiful weather.  As the Czech community grows and word of mouth gets back to the Czech Republic, more and more people decide to come. It’s a good self-reinforcing cycle.  Roman, what would you say separates you from your competition?

RJ: We keep things simple and personal.  I have two guys who work with me, no more.  I stay on top of every project and give it my own undivided attention.  I really think it’s that belief in customer service and the fact that I treat every house I work on as if it were my own that sets us apart. What are your plans for the future?

RJ: We plan on opening a showroom downtown.  We want a way for customers to see and touch the changes we can make in their homes.  We’re starting to put the numbers together now and we’re hoping to open this fall. We wish you the best of luck.  Thank you for your time.

RJ: Thank you.

Upcoming Events for Immigrants

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Hillsborough Community College (HCC) has paired with Workforce Florida and Cross Border Partners using a Trade and Logistics Grant to provide you and/or your staff training on various trade topics. Grant funding is available to support training across a wide variety of topic areas from market selection, export documentation and compliance, tariff codes, legal aspects, etc. And, the programs can be tailored to individual company needs. These programs are available to all Florida for-profit companies that have been in business at least one year and are involved in any export-related activity. The grant generally covers 75% of training costs.

For more details, visit here or contact Brian Hollands, Hillsborough Community College at 813-253-7074 or; OR Gary Leskun, Cross Border Partners, at mobile: 813-731-0152 or



Organizer: Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of South Florida
When: Thursdays, February 13, 20 and 27 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (3 sessions)
Where: SBDC office at the Tampa Port Authority building, 1101 Channelside Drive, Tampa, FL 33602
Cost: $120. Includes 3 modules, 3 textbooks and valuable handouts.
Contact: SBDC at 813-905-5829
Description: Training modules run Feb. 13, 20 & 27. Includes: INTRO TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE – Feb. 13; DEALING WITH YOUR EXPORT MARKET – Feb. 20; EXPORT DOCUMENTATION AND COMPLIANCE – Feb. 27.


Organizer: U.S. Commercial Service, Alabama District Export Council, BIS
When: February 12 & February 13, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: Westin Hotel Huntsville- 6800 Governors West Rd NW, Huntsville, Alabama
Cost: $500 for two day seminar, $275 for one day, and includes materials, continental breakfast and lunch.
Registration Deadline: Friday, February 7
Contact: Robert Stackpole at 205-731-1331 or
Description: This seminar will provide an in-depth understanding of the transition of items and export transactions from the USML to the CCL. Topics will address: realignment of the control lists, Commerce Control List order of review, the new “600” series, definition of “specially designed,” and license exceptions. The Technology Controls seminar will focus on the regulatory requirements relating to technology and software, including what is considered an export or re-export of technology or software; what technology and software is subject to the EAR; how to determine the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN); what license exceptions are available; and the unique application requirements of technology and software. BIS technical and policy specialists will also discuss important export control issues that may arise in the employment of foreign nationals and for foreign items incorporating, or produced from, controlled U.S.-origin software and technology. Presenters will include senior policy, regulatory, and licensing specialists.


Organizer: U.S. Commercial Service
When: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. (eastern)
Where: your computer
Cost: $15
Contact: Rachel Kreissl at 727-464-4166 or
Description: Whether you are doing business or planning to with Russia or another Customs Union country, this webinar will brief you on the new customs union regulations and related technical standard changes.


Organizer: U.S. Commercial Service
When: March 5 (seminar) and March 6 (workshop)
Where: NOVA Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Cost: $225 (seminar) and $75 (workshop)
Contacts: Leandro Solórzano at 954-356-6647 or; Martina Echevarria at 305-526-7425 x26 or
Description: As of April 5, 2014, new export requirements will be implemented that amend the AES regulations published in 2008. This Export Compliance Seminar is an all-day program where officers from the Department of Commerce/Census will provide training on export filing requirements.


TRADE WINDS – THE AMERICAS 2014: Business Development Conference and Trade Mission
Organizer: U.S. Commercial Service
When: May 15-23, 2014
Where: Colombia (May 19-21), and optional stops to Panama or Ecuador (May 15-16) and Peru or Chile (May 22-23)
Contacts: Leslie Drake at 304.347.5123 or; Janice Barlow at 215.597.6126 or
Description: South American regional conference preceded and followed by one-on-one business appointments with pre-screened potential buyers, agents, distributors, joint-venture partners or other key contacts.


CARIBBEAN TRADE MISSION & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago
Organizer: U.S. Commercial Service
When: June 8-12, 2014
Where: Dominican Republic, with optional stops in Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, or Trinidad & Tobago
Registration Deadline: April 4, 2014
Contact: David Royce at 817-999-9757 or
Description: Caribbean regional conference followed by one-on-one business appointments with pre-screened potential buyers, agents, distributors, joint-venture partners or other key contacts.

Signs that Immigration Reform May Happen This Year

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I recently returned from the AILA CFC conference where one of the topics of discussion was immigration reform.  Below I’ve included some signs that AILA sees as positive for immigration reform this year.

  1. John Boehner hired Rebecca Tallent, a top immigration policy aide who formerly worked for Sen McCain
  2. Only 16 Republicans signed on to a recent letter to Obama stating their opposition to immigration reform
  3. Rep. Goodlatte took over the House Judiciary Committee (the committee from which any immigration bill will derive)  from Rep. Lamar Smith, one of the most anti-immigrant legislators of the last two decades.  Some of that anti-immigrant staff loyal to Lamar and the anti-immigrant slant remain on Goodlatte’s staff, who are still very publicly anti-immigration reform.  But Goodlatte has of late been slowly stepping out publicly about immigration reform’s chances (for instance, saying that House Republicans will push to make it harder for undocumented to have a path to citizenship but easier to live and work in the U.S. – meaning some form of legalization seems to now be acceptable to House Republicans if there is no path to citizenship.
  4. NY Times: GOP Leadership Backs Legal Status for Many Undocumented Immigrants.  According to The New York Times, the House Republican leadership’s outline of immigration principles will call for a path to legal status, but not citizenship, for many of the 11 million adult undocumented immigrants in this country. For immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, however, Republicans would offer a path to citizenship.