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An Exclusive Tennis Academy Moves to Palmer Ranch

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Eagleton/Ferreira Tennis Academy offers intense, year-round training

Sarasota Tennis Academy Eagleton-Ferreira

John Eagleton and Ellis Ferreira seek to prepare their players for the highest levels of competition. The two coaches only accept 15 players at a time into their exclusive tennis academy. Players train 7 hours a day for a year.

Coaches Eagleton and Ferreira are disciples of the European style of play. They train their players on clay courts and teach the rotational system, which helps develop greater strength and power behind each ball. Tennis’ most successful players – Nadal, Djokovic, Federer – use this system. Coaches Eagleton and Ferreira emulate European techniques because of the success of such players. They lament the fact that the US has lost so much ground in tennis during the last decade and they attribute that to the US’s aversion to clay courts. They took great care to provide evidence for this decline when I visited them and we made a graph based on the ATP data over time.

Decline in Americans in Top 100 ATP

Decline in Americans in Top 100 ATP

Shocking, isn’t it?

Eagleton and Ferreira’s ultimate goal is to get more US players back into the top 100 and they are doing that through the use of clay courts and the rotational system. Eagleton/Ferreira Tennis Academy also offers full boarding. Educational programs are offered by Emerson Preparatory School.

Coaches Eagleton and Ferreira are immigrants themselves, having come from South Africa to train and teach in the United States. This makes them uniquely fitted to helping foreign athletes who want to train in the US.

Mr. Eagleton came to the US a few years before Mr. Ferreira and began playing at the University of Miami. Already ranked the #3 junior in the world before he came to the States, Mr. Eagleton became a 4-time all-American while at the U. Afterwards he played for 8 years in the ATP and went on to coach 20 professional players.

Mr. Ferreira was in the top 5 in South Africa before he came to the University of Alabama on a tennis scholarship. He turned all-American while at Alabama and went on to have a distinguished professional career, reaching number one ranking in 2000. That year he won the Australian Open and was a finalist in the US Open, and he was 30! He was world champion in 2001.

John Eagleton & Ellis Ferreira

John Eagleton & Ellis Ferreira

For more information on the Eagleton/Ferreira Academy, visit their website. To learn more about the P-1 Visa and its requirements visit our P1 Visa Website.

The Sarasota Ballet School Opens New Conservatory

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From Sarasota Ballet Newsletter:

Ballet Dancer Nicole Assad

Young ballet dancer Nicole Assad

The Sarasota Ballet School announces the opening of The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory of Dance

The Sarasota Ballet School is excited to welcome 12 first year students to the new Margaret Barbieri Conservatory of Dance.  Ranging in age from 11 to 16, the students will begin in the eight year classical ballet program created to train exceptional dancers who posess strong, clean classical technique.  This elite Conservatory aims to graduate students who are capable of integrating effortlessly into The Sarasota Ballet and other top professional Companies.
Margaret Barbieri, Assistant Director of The Sarasota Ballet, is delighted to put her name to this new program and to see her vision for a classical ballet conservatory come to fruition.
” This is an extraordinary opportunity for gifted dancers in The Sarasota Ballet School and around the region to receive a high level of training in classical ballet and be able to remain in the Sarasota Community to perfect their artistry,” explained Maragret Barbieri.
To learn more about the new conservatory and to support the Sarasota Ballet please contact: Noreen Delaney at 941-225-6504 or

Sarasota Presents Opportunity for International Dancers

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Sergiy Mykhaylov, a Sarasota immigrant, danced for some of the best ballet companies in the world then founded his own ballet school in Sarasota.

Sergiy Mykhaylov recently stopped by our office to let us know about the Russian School of Ballet he founded on University Parkway. The school teaches the Vaganova Method which is the foundation for most classical ballet and, according to Sergiy, “the best in the world.”

Chris Jaensch with Sergiy Mykhaylov

Chris Jaensch with Sergiy Mykhaylov

Sergiy and his wife and co-founder, Darya Fedotova, are both highly accomplished ballet dancers and teachers. Sergiy graduated from the National Ballet School of Ukraine. From there he danced for three years at the National Ballet of Ukraine; working his way up to soloist. In 1998 he joined the Orlando Ballet as a principal dancer and in 2001 he began working with the Sarasota Ballet as well. He has worked and taught at major ballet studios around the world.

Darya Fedotova also graduated from The National Ballet School of Ukraine. She danced for 5 years with the National Ballet of Ukraine and later joined the Classical Ballet of Paris as a soloist. In 1997 she was invited to work with the Orlando Ballet and in 2001 she also joined the Sarasota  Ballet. She comes from a prominent ballet family. Her parents danced for the National Ballet of Ukraine and now direct the Russian School of Ballet Orlando.

The School of Russian Ballet Sarasota now enrolls 80 to 85 young students. Along with Sergiy and Darya the school employs 3 other teachers. Their full repertoire includes jazz and modern dance as well as ballet. They accept students of all ages who are interested in dance.

The School of Russian Ballet has several events coming up:

  • August 18 Open House for parents and children
  • Season begins on August 20
  • Performance of The Nutcracker on December 9, 2012 in the Sarasota Opera House
  • Performance of Cappelia sometime in April, 2013.

All who are interested should contact the Russian School of Ballet:

8029 Cooper Creek Boulevard

University Park, FL

(941) 962-6664

P Visas for Athletes and F Visas for Students

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One of our biggest sources of clients at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm is foreign athletes, their relatives and foreign coaches.  Many athletes and coaches are lured to this area because of the top-notch local sports academies.  There are several visas for athletes and coaches and one is called the P1 Visa, which we specialize in.  To read more check out our website dedicated to Sports Visas.

Another popular option for people who move to Sarasota is to go back to school.  There are a lot of clients of every age who, to qualify for a visa, decide to go back to school.  They don’t have to take a full course load, just a few classes a week. These people would usually want to apply for an F visa.

If you are wondering how to live more permanently in the Sarasota area, visit our website:

Team USA Immigrants: Getting Citizenship was Toughest Part of Going to Olympics

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London 2012

Source: Flickr

As seen in the National Journal, more than 40 members of the US Olympic Team are foreign-born. For them the most difficult part of getting to the Olympics was becoming a US citizen. Read about some of these amazing athletes’ stories via the link provided.

Immigration Sarasota welcomes comments on sports immigration below.

Foreign Athletes Find a Tennis Academy in Sarasota

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Many foreign athletes come to Sarasota looking for a Sarasota tennis academy that can meet their needs.  Celsius Tennis Academy can help.

Directed by Cary Cohenour, it offers a full range of introductory and competitive tennis programs to fit most any new or experienced tennis player’s schedule and level of commitment.

It is located at the Sarasota Bath & Racquet Club, a family-friendly, 40,000 square foot health club facility situated near downtown Sarasota on 14 acres of with 29 Tennis Courts: 23 Har Tru, 6 Hard Courts, a Cardiovascular Center, Free Weights, Olympic Size Lap Pool, Squash and Racquetball Courts, Pro Shop, Restaurant, and more.

Led by Cary Cohenour, this tennis academy’s staff brings over 50 years combined teaching experience to the courts. In many cases, the instructors have had outstanding junior, collegiate or professional tennis playing careers before becoming coaches.

For foreign students who wish to stay in Sarasota and train long-term, Cary Cohenour arranges for housing and education.  Students stay with Sarasota families, transportation is arranged for them and they are also enrolled in an educational program.

To learn more about this Sarasota tennis academy, visit their website, or call Cary Cohenour: (941) 737-2635.

For Immigrant Athletes in Sarasota

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Sports Immigration SNAFU

The story of Luke Rodgers, ex-Red Bull soccer star, provides a cautionary tale for immigrant athletes in Sarasota.

Luke Rodgers in Red Bulls Uniform

Luke Rodgers is a brilliant soccer (ehem, football) player and a prolific goal-scorer.  In January 2011 he signed with the New York Red Bulls for an MLS debut season.  He was able to secure a P-1 Athlete Visa beforehand after a lengthy process.  The visa allowed him to play in the United States for a year.

Despite being out for two months due to plantar fasciitis (strange how European soccer players tend to get injured right after they arrive in America).  He still scored 9 goals in 23 games.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rodgers’ P-1 visa was not renewed and on March 30, 2012 the Red Bulls had to terminate their contract with him.  He is now playing for a club in Norway.

But the Red Bulls continued to pursue Mr. Rodgers and, according to the New York Post, he has an appointment coming up with the US Consulate in Norway concerning his appeal of the P-1 visa denial.

The reason that Mr. Rodgers is having trouble with his P-1 Athlete Visa is because he has several arrests on his record from England.  The supporters may appreciate his fiery, feisty style of play but the USCIS does not.  Any previous arrests are seen as criminal inadmissibilities and hurt the applicant’s case.

It is important for immigrant athletes in the Sarasota area who are thinking of applying for or renewing a P-1 visa to be aware of the types of issues they may face.  If you find yourself in a situation similar to Mr. Rodgers’ you might think about contacting a Sarasota immigration attorney.

For Local Athletes:

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SARASOTA SPORTS FESTIVAL –  SATURDAY,   JUNE 16th   from    8:00am – 3:00pm

The much anticipated circus themed playground at Payne Park, 2050 Adams Lane, will open Saturday, June 16 in conjunction with the inaugural Sarasota Sports Festival. To celebrate the opening of the playground, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey(r) will perform several free interactive CircusFit(r) performances throughout the day. The Sports Festival is free and runs 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. rain or shine. “I’m thrilled the opening of the playground will coincide with the festival,” said Mayor Suzanne Atwell. “It’s been exciting to watch the playground come out of the ground with its circus theme and bright colors. With such a rich circus history in Sarasota, it’s only fitting Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey(r) will be there to help us clown around and celebrate in style,” said Mayor Atwell.

Designed with Sarasota’s circus heritage in mind, the brightly colored playground encompasses one-half acre of Payne Park near the main entrance at Adams Lane and East Avenue. The playground offers two areas for different age groups: one area for children ages 2-to-5-years-old and the other for ages 5-to-12-years-old. More than 300 children can play simultaneously. Located near the swings, rock climbing walls, slides and crawl tubes is a music circle with three musical instruments (drums, contrabass chimes and an instrument similar to a xylophone) which are tuned and ready for play. The playground also offers a water feature with four misting rings allowing children to run through and cool off.

Ringling Bros.(r) will perform three free CircusFit(r) shows near the playground at: 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 1:45 p.m. The performances will be interactive with the audience and include fun activities such as a laugh-a-thon, obstacle course and fitness training combining fun circus skills with stretching, strength building and aerobic exercise.

Several clowns will be on hand at the festival, plus a Ringling Bros. balloon artist will bend balloons into a variety of animal shapes and hats. Don’t miss the Ringling Bros.’ Diaper Dash at 10 a.m. — a fun run for ages 1-to-4-years-old.

The Sarasota Sports Festival will include a one mile family fun run/walk, BMX and Strider bicycling, disc golf, aerobic tennis, 10 & under tennis, Teddy Tennis (ages 3-6), skateboarding and group exercise classes. Equipment will be provided for each sport. Registration forms must be completed to participate. To view a schedule of events click here.

Parking: Free public parking will be available in the Sarasota County parking garage, located at Ringling Boulevard and School Avenue, adjacent to Payne Park. For more information about the Sarasota Sports Festival, including the new playground, visit, follow the festival on Twitter @SRQSportsFest or contact Jan Thornburg, Public Information Officer: 941-954-2613.

Sarasota is #1 Small City for the Arts!

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We did it Sarasota!  We were recently named number 1 city of under 100,000 residents for the arts by the American Style Magazine.  This is great news and confirms something we’ve long know about ourselves – that Sarasota is a great town for the arts!

Fuente de las Tortugas in John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

Bradenton came in at number 2 and St. Pete atook the number 1 spot for medium-sized cities.  Read the full article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune here.

Help the Sarasota Ballet Earn an ADDITIONAL $5,000!

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From our Friends at the Sarasota Ballet,

Only 8 Hours Remaining In The 36 Hour Challenge!

You can help us earn a $5,000 cash bonus between now and 6 pm…..

Here’s How:

Log onto and donate $25.00 to The Sarasota Ballet.  Each unique donor (husbands and wives count as 2 donors), counts towards the $5,000 bonus.

Or, if you have already donated, or do not want to donate at this time, you can still help us win additional cash prizes by doing this:

Log onto and click through to  Then click on to The Sarasota Ballet’s Profile Page.   Just clicking onto our Profile will win us extra points and could lead to a cash bonus!

Thank you from all of us for your help with this Challenge!

American Style Votes Sarasota as #5 in US Top 25 Art Cities

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Again, Sarasota is climbing up the ranks of beloved art cities.  Read the article here.

Sarasota: Amateur Sports Capital of America

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from the
Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau

With amazing sports venues and all that Sarasota County has to offer to potential visitors beyond our beautiful, award-winning beaches, Sarasota is becoming one of America’s most beloved amateur sports capital.

In Fall of 2010, Sarasota Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is sponsoring 36 sports events, an increase of eight events from last year. These events include swimming, tennis, baseball, lacrosse and more.

The best way to attract events to the area is to continue building and renovating sports facilities throughout the county. Two venues that have received much attention this year are Nathan Benderson Park and Ed Smith Stadium . Nathan Benderson Park was home to four successful regattas this year, and plans call for it to become one of the top rowing venues in the world. This year’s success would not be possible if it were not for the Regatta Organizing Committee and the support of the local rowing community. The goal is for this facility to be 2000 meters by 2011, which will allow Sarasota the ability to host major collegiate and international regattas. Click here to view our new rowing marketing video.

To find out more about the top facilities in the country, we visited Oklahoma City, Sacramento (site of the 2010 NCAA Championships) and Cincinnati (site of the Youth National Championships). The SCVB would like to congratulate the Sarasota Crew and Sarasota Scullers on qualifying for the nationals and for their success at the Southeast Regionals this year. Qualifying for the Nationals is an incredible feat in itself, but winning a medal is every athlete’s goal. Congratulations to the Sarasota Scullers Women’s Lightweight 4+ for winning a bronze medal, pictured above from left to right are Katie Allen, Cara Rawe, Arianna Robbins, Julienne Koehler, Tori Hetman and coach Kirby Gallie.

Ed Smith Stadium was reinvigorated this spring when the Baltimore Orioles chose Sarasota as the Spring Training Home for 2010 and beyond. In the club’s first spring in Sarasota, the team drew 102,219 fans, an average of 6,815 fans per game, and a 39% increase from 2009, when the team played their final spring in Fort Lauderdale. This figure represents the largest increase in Major League Baseball this spring. In their final season in Sarasota last spring, the Cincinnati Reds drew 77,758 fans in 15 home dates, an average of 5,184. We are working closely with the Orioles and plan on making Sarasota the home to many youth and amateur baseball tournaments after each Spring Training Season.

Some other great events that Sarasota County has recently hosted includes the US Soccer Spring Showcase held at the Sarasota Polo Grounds over Memorial Day Weekend, attracting 155 teams, consisting of nearly 4,000 athletes. This event brought in not only the top men’s soccer players from the ages of 15-18, but also 300 college and professional coaches from across the USA to help them identify the next top talent in the sport of soccer. The Sarasota Baseball Classic , held in late March, consisted of 32 high school varsity teams with 618 athletes from Florida, Virginia and Kentucky.  The tournament looks to grow in 2011 and is becoming one of the nation’s premier high school baseball competitions.

Sarasota County is a great place for sports, not only for our great year-round weather, but also for the numerous amenities our community has to offer. We have many attractions and offer a wide variety of accommodations in Sarasota County, anything from campgrounds to luxury resort hotels. Some of our best sporting venues include our many Sarasota County Parks, Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota Polo Grounds, and Siesta Key Beach. No matter which sport you love, we are the place for you!

The above post was extracted with permission from Jason Puckett, Sports Manager for the Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau and at  For more information please contact Jason Puckett,

Jaensch sponsors Sarasota ArtEXPO 2010

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Jaensch Immigration Law Firm showed its support of the arts in Sarasota by participating in the 2010 artsEXPO.  ArtsEXPO brought arts and business professionals together to enjoy a day of educational workshops, networking and lunch with a featured guest speaker.  A collaboration between the Sarasota County Arts Council and the Nonprofit Resource Center of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, artsEXPO provided a forum for arts and business professionals to compare calendars and plan creative collaborations for future marketing efforts.

This expo exceeded last year’s attendance, and the feedback from the participants has been exceptionally positive.   The Arts Council’s goal was to develop an event that created outstanding educational and inspirational content for members of the Sarasota arts and cultural community, while providing a solid forum for networking with business partners.  Over 150 representatives from local arts and cultural organizations attended, and over 20 businesses participated as vendors.

“artsEXPO gave representatives from local businesses and cultural groups an opportunity to connect, coordinate and begin a dialogue that will last throughout the year,” says Russ Crumley, executive director of the Sarasota County Arts Council. “Many of these people met for the first time-over lunch, visiting booths, in workshops, even in the hallways! Many creative ideas begin with these types of basic, yet essential conversations.”

Crumley explained that the goal of the Arts Council was to “get people together, provide stimulating content and compelling presentations, and then get out of the way. Our arts organizations provided the energy needed to create new and exciting collaborations.”  Mary Beth Crockett of Sarasota Coach Lines, one of the exhibiting businesses, agreed with Crumley that partnerships between art organizations and business are key. “It’s all about collaboration,” she said. “I didn’t even know that some of these arts groups existed-or offered the programs they offer. I feel a lot more enlightened about our arts community.”

The arts are what “sets Sarasota apart,” said Tom Yorke, director of sales for the new Hyatt Place. “We’ve made a commitment to reaching out to our arts and cultural groups. Their events and programs bring visitors to Sarasota, which is an obvious benefit for our property.”

Jaensch immigration lawfirm specializes in filing and processing visas for individuals with extraordinary abilities, including artists, dancers, musicians and performers.

How can an artist live and work in the United States?

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Jaensch Immigration Law Firm in Sarasota specializes in guiding artists through the immigration process for living and working in the United States.  If you are an artist interested in immigrating to the United States, you can start by reading these summary guidelinesContact us if you need more information or for a consultation.

How can an athlete live and work in the United States?

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Jaensch Immigration Law Firm in Sarasota specializes in guiding athletes through the immigration process for living and working in the United States.  If you are an athlete interested in immigrating to the United States, you can start by reading these summary guidelinesContact us if you need more information or for a consultation.