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AILA: Renewal Process for DACA Opens; Get Started As Soon as You Can!

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Visit our website, for more information on DACA and fill out our form to apply.

Cite as “AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 14060545 (posted Jun. 5, 2014)” 

2014.0806.DACA Renewed

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) commends U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for releasing details of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewal process so that applicants can begin their renewal process in a timely manner.

“It is great to see USCIS continue this important initiative,” said T. Douglas Stump, President of AILA. He continued, “These two-year grants of deferred action have already made a tremendous impact on the lives of so many young people and on the communities in which they live, study, and work. It is vital that those granted deferred action not let those important grants lapse.”

The temporary grant of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is given in increments of two years and offers the chance for work authorization, in most cases a driver’s license, and in some areas, in-state tuition for public colleges and universities. Renewal applicants will need to submit Form I-821D “Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” Form I-765 “Application for Employment Authorization,” and the I-765 Worksheet. The $465 fee for filing and biometrics will need to be paid; USCIS will conduct a new background check for those renewing DACA.

“My message to DACA recipients is to start work on it now, so that you are ready to file when you come within about 120 days of the expiration of your current grant period,” Mr. Stump warned. He added, “Processing could take months and you do not want to lose your work authorization because you didn’t get your forms in on time. For anyone who has a question, has had a change in their circumstances since receiving DACA, or is still deciding whether to apply, I encourage you to seek the advice of qualified counsel. Sometimes an immigration attorney will find that you are eligible for another, more permanent type of relief or may help you discover that a change in circumstances changes your eligibility or your risks. Getting help is a good idea for anyone with questions to avoid submitting erroneous information to USCIS and clouding your future.”

Update from AILA CFC: Immigration Lawyers Advocate for Unaccompanied Children, End Unlawful “Detainers”

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AILA CFC Advocates for Unaccompanied Children at Border

Country conditions in Central American countries such as El Salvador and Honduras have resulted in over 50,000 unaccompanied minor children making treacherous journeys to seek safety in the U.S. since October 2013. Some may be able to stay in the U.S. if they can demonstrate that their lives will be jeopardized if they returned to their country of origin. The Obama administration has started to speed up the process of scheduling immigration hearings on these children. AILA National, AILA Central Florida and legal aid organizations in Central Florida are working together to ensure that children in this region at least have basic legal representation.

The Obama Administration is considering administrative fixes due to Congressional inaction on immigration reform. These include potential remedies for undocumented parents of U.S. citizens here, and revising the way available green card numbers are counted so as to reduce waiting times in employment and family-based categories. An announcement could come as early as this month. AILA has been on the front line of presenting potential administrative fixes to the administration.

 AILA CFC Works to End Unlawful “Detainers”

Detainers are the so-called “immigration holds” that local police engage in on behalf of ICE. When someone suspected by law enforcement to be undocumented is detained by local police such as for a traffic stop, Sheriff’s offices are permitted to hold that individual for 48 hours while ICE determined their immigration status or whether to pursue removal proceedings against them.

Often Sheriff’s offices hold people for much longer than 48 hours. Some of these individuals are U.S. citizens or green card holders.  Immigration violations are a civil matter, not a criminal matter, and these individuals should not be held indefinitely without probable cause that they have committed a crime. Counties incur substantial costs and liability in breaking the law on behalf of ICE.  

Due to efforts by the ACLU, The Miami Law School Immigration Law Clinic, AILA Central Florida, and AILA South Florida, and other organizations, Sheriff’s offices throughout the state are ceasing these detainers unless there is probable cause to detain.

Victoria Jaensch Karins Elected Chairperson of American Immigration Lawyers Association, Central Florida Chapter

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Sarasota Immigration Attorney Victoria Jaensch Karins

Sarasota Immigration Attorney Victoria Jaensch Karins

Jaensch Immigration Law Firm is proud to announce that attorney Victoria Jaensch Karins has been elected chairperson of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Central Florida Chapter (AILA-CFC).  The Central Florida Chapter includes over 300 immigration attorneys and, aside from southeast Florida, covers the entire state.  Previously Ms. Karins served as the Education Chair and the Vice Chair Tampa Region for AILA-CFC.  She is the first AILA-CFC chairperson ever from Sarasota.

As chair Ms. Karins will serve as the initial point of contact between AILA-CFC and outside organizations, companies, and agencies.  She will be in charge of the chapter’s general operations and communications to and from the national level.

“It is an honor to be elected to this post.  I look forward to serving my fellow immigration attorneys with enthusiasm,” says Ms. Karins, who obtained her law degree in 1994 and has been practicing immigration law ever since.  Together with her brother, managing attorney P. Christopher Jaensch, and the other attorneys at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm, she is part of the largest immigration law firm on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

“With major potential changes in immigration law on the horizon it is very important for immigration attorneys to work together for positive reform,” says Ms. Karins, referring to the Senate bipartisan immigration reform bill.  She herself has already been to DC to lobby for reform.  “The political climate seems amenable to immigration reform,” says Ms. Karins, “the bill still has to go through the committee process and floor debate and we look forward to helping shape it throughout the process,” she continued.  “That being said,” she added, “it is also important for us to educate the public to reduce the potential for fraudulent activities from unlicensed and fly-by-night organizations, otherwise known as notarios.”

Immigration reform could bring far-reaching changes such as the creation of a start-up visa, retiree visa, and most controversially, a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.  “Certain people are too focused on the provisions regarding the path to citizenship, the bill contains so much more,” says Ms. Karins.  “The creation of a start-up visa for foreign entrepreneurs, a W visa for foreign workers, the expansion of the H-1B visa program, and the creation of a retiree visa could all be very positive in terms of increased vitality and economic growth,” she continued.

For further questions Ms. Karins can be reached via her email – – or by phone – (941) 366-9841.