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Sarasota Immigrant Founds IT Start-up

Posted: February 12th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Investor Visas, Sarasota Immigrants | Tags: , , | No Comments »

Stefan Wild is a Sarasota immigrant who recently founded an IT start-up in the HuB.  His company, archivedi, provides a very valuable service: storage and sharing of media files on the cloud.

Sarasota immigrants new business website

archivedi’s website

Does your organization have to deal with a lot of media files like images (photos), videos, documents or audio?  Then you need a place to store those, and you will want to easily find and then securely share them with branch offices, colleagues, clients, journalists, advertising agencies, …

Here’s where archivedi comes into play. You can store all your media files in the cloud on their secure servers.  For cataloging, you can freely define your own criteria (like product line, article number, event, catalogue page), so you find the files you need in a matter of seconds.  archivedi then lets you share them selectively with anyone, cleverly working around the limitations of E-Mail attachments by just sending out an individual link to the archivedi web site, where the recipient can pick a format or resolution he or she needs and download directly from there. 

So whether you want to get the video and photos from the last fundraiser to the press and sponsors, your webmaster needs that photo of the CEO, or the office in Europe wants access to the product photos from the newest catalog – you’re all set with archivedi.

archivedi is based on the open source digital asset management (DAM) software ResourceSpace, that is being used by organizations around the world.

Mr. Wild is well qualified to serve as President of archivedi.  He earned a Diplom-Informatiker (FH) degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany, in 2010 and has over 14 years of experience working as a web developer and consultant in his own business for corporations in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  He had existing contacts in Sarasota and when he heard that the HuB was opening he decided to make the jump to the United States.  He plans to expand archivedi’s business as well as build new ideas for more start-ups.

Sarasota Immigrants New Business

archivedis office in the HuB

Visit archivedi’s website and check out their innovative system for yourself.