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Catching Up with German Immigrant and Founder of Nessentials

Posted: November 14th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Sarasota Immigrants | Tags: , , , | No Comments »

Few people could have imagined a business in Sarasota selling brooms and brushes, marionettes, and other quality household items and gifts from Germany.  But that is in fact the case with the now 4-year-old Nessentials store in Burns Court.  Founded by Nadja, a German immigrant from the Frankfurt area, Nessentials was essentially the answer to a personal need for a quality German broom and is now a store that is unique not only in the USA but also in Germany. 

When Nadja first moved here she needed an idea for a new business in order to qualify for an E-2 investor visa.  She found herself in need of a quality natural horse hair broom and there were none to be found in Sarasota or anywhere on the US Internet.  She decided that this would be her business, she would sell high-end natural bristle German brooms and brushes in Sarasota.

 She first rented space in Gulf Gate Drive and set up her shop but decided after 2 years to move to Burns Court, downtown Sarasota, where there is more foot traffic.  In the new location business expanded rapidly.  Besides carrying the largest selection of more that 500 different all natural bristle brushes and brooms from Germany, including the finest hand made artist paint brushes and make up brushes, goat’s hair and ostrich feather dusters, badger hair shaving sets and any brush you can think of for your cleaning and personal hygiene needs, she started adding more and more gift items such as collectibles, marionettes, Christmas ornaments, snow globes, music boxes and much more. 

The business, now in its 5th year, has grown steadily and is now expanding rapidly into the digital marketplace.  Nadja recently redesigned her website and is now receiving orders from all over the country. 

These days Nadja is busy.  The Sarasota Chalk Festival is taking place in Burns Court this week and is bringing a large pedestrian crowd to the area.  Nadja is also a founding member of the European-American Club of Sarasota, a group of people from mostly German speaking countries who are making plans to bring more German culture and activities such as Christmas markets and Oktoberfest to our sunny city. is looking forward to a Christmas market like the one we experienced on a previous visit to Frankfurt someday in Sarasota. 

Please enjoy a video of Nessentials below.

Check out Nadja’s website, and like it on and spread the word by sharing what you like!