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NEW Florida Business Opportunity: Own your own Ice Cream and Sweet Shoppe!

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Business purchase opportunity–A client of the law firm has asked us to post the following information about the sale of an ice cream and sweet shoppe:

After recently receiving her green card, the owner is wishing to sell her business in Southwest Florida. The business is a well-known national ice cream franchise and confectionery business, located in a mall and anchored by major tenants.

This shoppe offers customers an impressive selection of fine confections and ice cream, all in an enjoyable, service-oriented atmosphere and is designed to give a warm welcome and a nostalgic nod to the good ol’ days of old-fashioned sweet shoppes. From fine chocolates, handmade fudge, and caramel apples, to their own original recipe ice cream, the shoppe offers a selection of quality confections.

Annual revenues are $400,000, allowing the owner to have a salary of $75,000 (including benefits). Low staffing requirements. Equipped with full remote camera monitoring system. Appliances and leasehold improvements are in excellent condition.  The business is well-suited for a couple working part-time. Owner is willing to train Buyer on operations. Priced between $450,000-$550,000.

For franchises, this shoppe offers a successful, modern business backed by years of experience.

For more information, please call (514) 947-1993 or e-mail

NEW Florida Business Opportunity on Anna Maria Island

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Today we learned about a new business opportunity for Florida immigrants who are searching for good investments that can help them qualify for an E-2 or EB-5 visa.  It comes in the form of a 3,088 sq-ft restaurant on a barrier island near Sarasota with a cozy 3-bedroom apartment above – makes for an easy commute.


STOCK image of restaurant interior. Contact the broker for real photos.

The details:

  • 3,088 SF restaurant with full bar (4-COP) located in Holmes beach, with gulf views.
  • Additional 1,400 SF 3BD apartment above.
  • Sale price: $475,000.
  • Rent would be $5,000 per mo. (including the apt. above) plus Tenant pays
  • Property taxes, insurance & Maint. (about $13,000 yr)
  • The restaurant did about $500k for 2013 (open only for dinner 7 nights)
  • Cash flow: $183,000.
  • If you deduct the expense of rent and NNN charges ($73,000) the net to a new operator would be about $110k.
  • Real estate is also for sale for $1.3M

Interested parties should contact Mr. John Caragiulo, an experienced business broker, at

As always, the attorneys at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm stand ready to advise you on making any investment with the goal of securing a temporary E-2 or immigrant EB-5 visa.

Catching Up With Sarasota Immigrant Christophe Coutelle

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Last time we spoke with Sarasota immigrant Christophe Coutelle he was running C’est La Vie on Main St. and making plans to open his second restaurant, Lolita Tartine.  C’est La Vie began as a part of a plan to move from France and start a business in the US.  It was very successful, turning a profit within weeks!  So Christophe decided to build on his success.  Lolita Tartine opened on October 23rd and is now serving the delicious pastries and coffee that Christophe is known for as well as the new tartines, or open-faced sandwiches, wine, and other lunch and dinner items such as salads and stews.

Immigration Sarasota.Lolita Tartine.Sign

Christophe invited to a cafe au lait at the new restaurant. This is a beautiful new restaurant, did you have a hand in designing it yourself?

Christopher Coutelle: Thank you.  Yes, this is one of the typical renovated spaces you see in the Rosemary District.  My friend, another Frenchman actually, introduced me to it.  At first I said I would think about it.  With time I decided this was the place to open Lolita Tartine.

Immigration Sarasota.Lolita Tartine.Door

Immigration Sarasota.Lolita Tartine.Bar You use a lot of red, an attention grabbing color, was that on purpose?

CC: The window frame is red so we went with that for the interior. I noticed the famous artists’ portraits on the wall.  Picasso, Dali, Delacroix, why them?

CC: We had help from the design studio next door.  We decided to name the different tartines after famous artists and we added their portraits on the wall for continuity. SO why not stick with what you know, pastries and coffee?  Why add lunch and dinner?

CC: My wife and I had seen a restaurant in France call Dame Tartine, short for Madame Tartine, and we had originally wanted to open a place like that in the States.  For business reasons we decided to open C’Est La Vie first.  But serving good food all day long is always something we wanted to do, and now we are. So how late is Lolita open?

CC: We open at 8:30am and close the kitchen at 9pm. I noticed a large selection of wines behind the bar.  Are they all from France?

CC: At the moment, yes.  I have a friend who is an importer who finds good French wines.  But people have been asking and I am also thinking about expanding into Spanish, Italian, and Argentinian wines. Tell me more about the tartine.

CC: Well, it is an open-faced sandwich and I always say that if people want to know more they should come to the restaurant and try one!

You can find Christophe at his new restaurant most hours of the day.  We wish him all the best in his new endeavor.  Go and visit Lolita Tartine and let Christophe know where you heard about him.

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New Business Opportunity on Clark Rd

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Sarasota immigrants will be interested to know about a new business opportunity on Clark Rd in Sarasota, FL.  A well-established bar and entertainment venue is for sale.  It is one of the few establishments licensed to provide entertainment after 10pm in Sarasota.  The owner is an immigrant himself who used the business to qualify for an E-2 Investor Visa when he bought it.

The current owner bought the business in 2010 when it was on the verge of closing.  Now it’s a well-known local watering hole with annual revenue of over $350,000.  Asking price is $450,000.

Features include the largest stage in Sarasota (according to the owner), 23 TVs, 2 106″ sceens, 2 pool tables, beer pong, and SS bowling.

The business currently employees seven full time servers and bartenders, one full-time General Manager and several part-time bartenders.

Interested parties should contact immigrant investor Jason Kukk (941-921-6875) or Sarasota immigration attorney Chris Jaensch (940-366-9841) for more information.

Please enjoy the video below to learn more about qualifying for an investor visa through a commercial real estate investment.

Catching Up with German Immigrant and Founder of Nessentials

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Few people could have imagined a business in Sarasota selling brooms and brushes, marionettes, and other quality household items and gifts from Germany.  But that is in fact the case with the now 4-year-old Nessentials store in Burns Court.  Founded by Nadja, a German immigrant from the Frankfurt area, Nessentials was essentially the answer to a personal need for a quality German broom and is now a store that is unique not only in the USA but also in Germany. 

When Nadja first moved here she needed an idea for a new business in order to qualify for an E-2 investor visa.  She found herself in need of a quality natural horse hair broom and there were none to be found in Sarasota or anywhere on the US Internet.  She decided that this would be her business, she would sell high-end natural bristle German brooms and brushes in Sarasota.

 She first rented space in Gulf Gate Drive and set up her shop but decided after 2 years to move to Burns Court, downtown Sarasota, where there is more foot traffic.  In the new location business expanded rapidly.  Besides carrying the largest selection of more that 500 different all natural bristle brushes and brooms from Germany, including the finest hand made artist paint brushes and make up brushes, goat’s hair and ostrich feather dusters, badger hair shaving sets and any brush you can think of for your cleaning and personal hygiene needs, she started adding more and more gift items such as collectibles, marionettes, Christmas ornaments, snow globes, music boxes and much more. 

The business, now in its 5th year, has grown steadily and is now expanding rapidly into the digital marketplace.  Nadja recently redesigned her website and is now receiving orders from all over the country. 

These days Nadja is busy.  The Sarasota Chalk Festival is taking place in Burns Court this week and is bringing a large pedestrian crowd to the area.  Nadja is also a founding member of the European-American Club of Sarasota, a group of people from mostly German speaking countries who are making plans to bring more German culture and activities such as Christmas markets and Oktoberfest to our sunny city. is looking forward to a Christmas market like the one we experienced on a previous visit to Frankfurt someday in Sarasota. 

Please enjoy a video of Nessentials below.

Check out Nadja’s website, and like it on and spread the word by sharing what you like!

New Aquatic Business Opportunity in Sarasota

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Here is an interesting business opportunity for Sarasota immigrants: a sailboat-building business for sale.  The manufacturing business produces about 200 boats annually.  Models range from 15-foot to 23-foot sailboats, including the Colgate 26, the model that the US Navy and Coast Guard use to train their personnel.  The business has built up a team of dedicated employees, some of which have more than 20 years of experience.  They predict an increase in sales in coming years as consumers release pent-up demand.

In 2012:

  • Sales: $820,000
  • Profit: $109,000

2013 (Projected)

  • Sales: $1,200,000
  • Profit: $190,000

For more information contact Steven Alexander of Abbex, Inc.: (941) 365-3833.  To see if the business qualifies for an investor visa please request more detailed financial documents from Mr. Alexander and contact Chris Jaensch: (941) 366-9841.

For information on more ways to qualify for an investor visa, please see the video below of Chris Jaensch speaking about using commercial property to qualify for an E-2 or EB-4 investor visa.

Sarasota Business Brokers Offer Free Valuation Estimates

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A few weeks ago we wrote about a business broker team that works with area immigrants.  This week we caught up with Tony Dempsey to learn more about his organization.  He informed us about his standing offer to provide business owners with free valuation estimates and we decided to share this with the readers of Immigration Sarasota.

Sunstate Business Brokers

Sunstate Business Brokers

From Tony:

Valuing your business in today’s market is a service that Sunstate Business Brokers will provide to you free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever. Whether you are considering exiting your business NOW or some time in the future, knowing the current market value provides great insight for planning purposes. Year over year we will update the Valuation so you will know exactly what your market value is, whether maintaining, increasing or declining. I have included an attachment that defines the information we will need for the valuation. This information is usually readily available from your accountant.

Thank you…

Here is the attachment Tony mentioned: Sunstate Business Valuation Information.

Remember, buying a business can be a viable avenue for obtaining a temporary or even permanent visa to the United States.  Purchasing commercial property can also help one qualify for an investor or entrepreneur visa.

Stop by Nessentials Today! Get German Gingerbread!

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Nadja Moeller, an ex-attorney from Germany, missed some of the household items she had known in her home country.  It was difficult for her to find traditional brushes, shaving kits, beer steins, and other items common in Germany.  So she decided to open a store that would sell these items to the general public here in Sarasota.  A few months later Nessentials (Necessary Essentials) was born.

Located in Burns Court, 532 S Pineapple Avenue to be exact, Nessentials is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.  Today Nesssentials is participating in the Holiday Stroll through Burns Court by staying open till 9pm!  Nadja also prepared some delicious German gingerbread for hungry passersby.  Best of all, Nadja is taking 10% off every item in the store for today only.

Find them at Burns Court or on their Facebook page – make sure to LIKE them.

New Travel Agency Offers Trips to Alpine Destinations

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Tom and Karen Niederer are a microcosm of the growing diversity of the Sarasota-Bradenton area.  Karen is originally from the UK and Tom is originally from Switzerland.  They lived in Austria for many years and now they live in Bradenton, FL.

Being experts on the Alpine countries of Europe – Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein and Austria – they decided to share the wonderful sites and experiences of this area with Americans.  They established a travel agency, Alpentouristik Travel, in 2009.  Their office is in Bradenton, on Lena Road, and they serve the entire Sarasota-Bradenton area.

Some of the tours they offer include a Three Countries Tour (Munich, Krimml Waterfalls, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Venice and more) a European Splendor Tour (Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) and a Historical Highlights Tour (Germany and Austria).  These tours are in May and June.  Of course, no Alpine travel agency would be complete without a ski tour!  Alpentouristik offers a trip to Saalbach-Hinterglemm, in the Austrian Alps, where visitors can find 124 miles of downhill slopes, 55 lifts, night skiing and lively nightlife in the village.  This trip is offered in March.

Alpentouristik Travel also offers tours through Central Europe and individually-tailored vacations in Austria.

Karen and Tom’s expertise comes from their 50 years of combined experience living and travelling through the Alpine countries of Europe.  When choosing a destination for your next trip, you definitely want to consult with these experts on Alpine travel.  They can be contacted via telephone at (941) 932-3144.

Please enjoy some photos of the sights of Central Europe.