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Immigrant-Owned Fitness Studio in Sarasota Moves

Posted: March 23rd, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Investor Visas, Sarasota Immigrants | Tags: , , | No Comments »

Ever wonder how to make your workout quicker and more efficient?  Sarasota immigrant and investor, Hugh Elsam, used to wonder the same thing.  One day, the Canadian businessman visited a 20 Minutes to Fitness studio.  The quick and effective workout made Mr. Elsam think there might be more demand for the slow-cadence fitness routine, especially in the Sarasota area.  He found it made sense to start a new 20 Minutes to Fitness studio in downtown Sarasota.

Around the same time Mr. Elsam was contemplating a more permanent move to the Sarasota area.  He discovered that he could use the investment in the new fitness franchise to qualify for a US investor visa.

Thus a new immigrant-owned business venture in Sarasota was launched.  Hugh hired 4 physical trainers and soon the studio was seeing 24-40 clients a day!

The studio recently moved to 1819 Main Street, Suite 110.  This is the building across Links Ave from the Oyster House.  Since we often share stories about immigrants and immigrant-owned businesses we thought we’d let our readers know more about this one.  We made an appointment for a free consultation to see how this intriguing fitness philosophy works.  You can see the video of our interview with general manager Michele below.