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Colombian Immigrant Lands Dream Job in Sarasota

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Mary Garcia assists Sarasota immigrants with tax and accounting issues

Mary Garcia assists Sarasota immigrants with tax and accounting issues

Mary Garcia did not speak English when she arrived in Sarasota as a child with her mother.  She worked hard at Booker High School to master the language and get into college.  After studying two years at SCF, she transferred to the University of Florida to work on her Bachelor’s degree.  She likes to tackle her challenges head-on and when she went to UF, she decided to major in English.  From early on, she knew she wanted to aid the immigrant community and during her college years in Gainesville, she volunteered and taught English as a Second Language to migrant workers.

After college, she worked at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm.  During this time, she also discovered a passion for business and accounting.  While working full-time, she took accounting courses at USF and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  Her personal connection to immigrant issues and the earned experience while working at Jaensch and other accounting organizations, ultimately helped her land her dream job.  Through tenacity and persistence, she earned a position working for the largest accounting firm in town.  As an In-Charge Accountant at Kerkering Barberio, Mary now helps other immigrants with their accounting and tax issues.

For an idea of what she does:

The International Taxation Team of Kerkering Barberio offers unparalleled experience in the highly complex and increasingly regulated area of taxation of non-citizens and non-resident aliens. We have a wealth of experience providing consulting and compliance services to our clients and business associates who are looking for a responsive, local source for advice in this complex area.

Change of Residency

Compliance Requirements for Non-Citizens

Estate and Gift Taxation of Non-Citizens

Real Property Taxation

Selection of Business Entities

Tax Treaty Consulting

Mary is currently pursuing her CPA designation and living her career goal of assisting Sarasota’s immigrants with accounting and tax issues.  You can find her in the offices of Kerkering Barberio or contact her via email: