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Organization Aims To Boost Latin Leadership

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Organization Aims To Boost Latin Leadership
Jacob Ogles,

Census estimates indicate roughly a fifth of Sarasota’s population claims an Hispanic heritage, but political involvement by that community remains remarkably low. A new non-profit is trying to change that.

Former Sarasota Mayor Kelly Kirshner is working to launch Unidos Now, an organization focused on increasing the political voice of Hispanics. “We need to start engaging the community in a nonpartisan fashion,” he said. “If we have such population growth and are not embracing that and drawing it in, that’s going to have deleterious effects on the quality of government.”

Kirschner, who in the past has tried to actively get more Hispanic voters involve in City politics, was discouraged when Sarasota officials established citizen oversight committees in response to a police scandal which involved treatment of an Hispanic person, then there were no applications from any Hispanics living within the City limits to participate on the boards.

He also noted that Sarasota saw a remarkably low turnout among Hispanics in the recent City elections. A District 1 Commissioner race in May drew out just 23 Hispanic voters, which was just 5 more than participated in a March election in that district.

“We have a really large legal Hispanic population, but few of them are even registered (to vote), and the participation rates among those voters is very low,” he said.

Website for E2 Treaty Investor Visa Clients who want Visa Reform.

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Do you have E2 Treaty Investor Visa Clients?

Would they like to see reform for the visa so they can apply for Green Cards?

If so, please read on………………..

We are a group of E2 Visa Holders who are actively lobbying the Government to try and make it possible to apply for Green Cards from this visa.

We have been working for 4 years and have had 2 Bills in Congress, but they have not made much headway.

We are trying to reach out to many E2 Treaty Investor Visa Holders around the US to help us in our efforts. The more of us working together, contacting our own Members of Congress and Senators, the more chance we have of bringing about change.

This is where YOU can help.

If you have E2 Clients, please could you forward this e-mail on to them, and we hope they will, in turn, contact us.

Our main website is

We also have an E2 Map, where many visa holders have already added themselves at –

As you can see we have a great covering in Florida but not so many in the rest of the US.

and an E2 Visa Supporters page, where we have asked for messages of support we can share at –

We thank you very much if you are able to help us and if you would like to know more, please get in touch.

We would also love to know if you have received this e-mail, so a response will be much appreciated, even if you don’t have any E2 clients.

Best wishes
Zoe Adams
863 709 9555