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USCIS releases EB-1 Statistics for Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011 (YTD)

Posted: July 29th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Investor Visas | No Comments »

The USCIS released information about the number of EB-1 green card petition Approvals, Denials and Request for Evidence for Fiscal Years 2010 – 2011 (year to date).  The data covers fiscal year 2010 (October 1, 2009, to September 30 , 2010) and fiscal year 2011 year to date (October 1, 2010, to July 19, 2011).

In the report:

1. E11 is an immigrant classification for an alien with extraordinary ability

2. E12 is an immigrant classification for an outstanding professor or researcher

3. E13 is an immigrant classification for a multinational executive or manager

The report shows that a total of 30,688 EB-1 petitions were received during the 22 month period and that 10,753 petitions received Requests for Evidence and that 5,887 were denied.

The report does not clearly show how many EB-1 petitions are still pending.  The report also does not show the distribution of denials during the period.  We believe that there has been a significant increase in Requests for Evidence and Denials of EB-1 cases in recent months.