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Team USA Immigrants: Getting Citizenship was Toughest Part of Going to Olympics

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London 2012

Source: Flickr

As seen in the National Journal, more than 40 members of the US Olympic Team are foreign-born. For them the most difficult part of getting to the Olympics was becoming a US citizen. Read about some of these amazing athletes’ stories via the link provided.

Immigration Sarasota welcomes comments on sports immigration below.

EB-5 Visa Window is Closing!

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The Last Days Of EB-5?

With just ten weeks left until the sunset date for the EB-5 program, Jaensch Immigration Law Firm wants to encourage discussion on this topic, both because of its importance to our nation’s economy but also because of how it is indicative of our legislative branch’s lethargy. Congress must act on or before September 30th to prolong the program; if they do not, USICS will lose the authority to grant immigrants’ petitions and thus deprive American business ventures of the investments they need.

Between the present and September 30th, Congress only has about four total weeks while it is in session; two now and two in September. Thus, there should be a sense of urgency to get this program reapproved NOW! While the EB-5 program has almost lapsed and, indeed, even did lapse once in the past, the U.S. economy was never in the dire straits which it today finds itself. Congress should be doing everything it can to spur the U.S. economy and help out-of-work Americans find jobs, particularly those in blue collar jobs, which are the majority of the jobs EB-5 development projects create. Congress’ unwillingness to act affirmatively on this program is especially disturbing because there is almost unanimous support for it on both sides of the aisle. In other words, there is no real risk that the program permanently disappear, but this is little consolation to those overseas who do not know the program’s history.

We urge any person considering applying for the EB-5 to do so as soon as possible. At least before the September sunset date for the program. If it lapses there is no telling when it may return. Such an opportunity should not be missed.

A Touch of Africa in St. Armands

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Looking for a great way to experience Africa right here in Sarasota?

Touch Corporation brings the touch and even some of the tastes of Africa to St. Armand’s Circle.  Deon Barnard, COO of for the USA branch of Touch Corporation manages a travel agency, a retail store full of chic African items and a soon-to-open African cafe.

Mr. Barnard and his family hail from Durban, South Africa.  Having worked in the travel and leisure industry since 1988, Deon was transferred from corporate South Africa to establish the USA branch in 2009.

Go Touch Down Travel & Tours, part of the Touch Corporation, has been marketing travel tours to the American market for decades.  With increasing demand for bucket-list adventures the group made the decision to establish the North America offices in Sarasota and Oakville, Canada.  The local office is currently remodeling the Afro Café at the back of their retail store that will be serving coffee and wine from South Africa. The group will be expanding the brand to Washington DC and New York during 2013.

In addition to sharing the wealth of Africa with us here in the States, Go Touch Down Travel and Tours arranges tours leaving the USA every week taking American visitors to see South Africa for themselves.  What makes this group unique is that they take visitors to land that they themselves own.  This means that the trips are incredibly personalized as well as cost-effective.  Visitors can experience most anything from diving underwater in cages in shark-infested waters, taking a safari through the African veld, or just enjoying the urban luxury and culture of Cape Town.  Either way, it’s sure to be an unforgettable bucket-list trip.

Visit Touch Corporation by Clicking on the Image

Victoria Jaensch Warns of Immigration Phone Scam

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Warning: Immigration Telephonic Scam

“AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 12071935 (posted Jul. 19, 2012)”

AILA has received reports of a new scam potentially victimizing aliens. According to one report, the individual will receive a call purporting to be from a USCIS officer, who will have certain correct information on the individual, including the individual’s name and address. The caller will state that there is some discrepancy in USCIS records, and ask for confirmation of data, such as an I-94 number, an “A” number, or a visa control number. The caller will then tell the individual that there is a penalty for not clearing up the discrepancy, and that the individual is to send a sum of money via Western Union, to an address the caller provides. Be on alert that your clients may be receiving such calls, and if they do, report them to appropriate law enforcement authorities, which may include the FBI, and to the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, whose Consumer Sentinel database is accessed by criminal and civil law enforcement authorities worldwide.

Foreign Athletes Find a Tennis Academy in Sarasota

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Many foreign athletes come to Sarasota looking for a Sarasota tennis academy that can meet their needs.  Celsius Tennis Academy can help.

Directed by Cary Cohenour, it offers a full range of introductory and competitive tennis programs to fit most any new or experienced tennis player’s schedule and level of commitment.

It is located at the Sarasota Bath & Racquet Club, a family-friendly, 40,000 square foot health club facility situated near downtown Sarasota on 14 acres of with 29 Tennis Courts: 23 Har Tru, 6 Hard Courts, a Cardiovascular Center, Free Weights, Olympic Size Lap Pool, Squash and Racquetball Courts, Pro Shop, Restaurant, and more.

Led by Cary Cohenour, this tennis academy’s staff brings over 50 years combined teaching experience to the courts. In many cases, the instructors have had outstanding junior, collegiate or professional tennis playing careers before becoming coaches.

For foreign students who wish to stay in Sarasota and train long-term, Cary Cohenour arranges for housing and education.  Students stay with Sarasota families, transportation is arranged for them and they are also enrolled in an educational program.

To learn more about this Sarasota tennis academy, visit their website, or call Cary Cohenour: (941) 737-2635.

News: Seeking a US Non-Immigrant Visa in Paris? Fill this paperwork out first

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As of July 29, 2012, all non-immigrant visa applicants in Paris must fill in the DS 160 application form AND pay the MRV fee through purchase of a mandat compte before scheduling an appointment.  The reference numbers of both the DS 160 and the mandat compte must be provided at time of scheduling.

Sarasota Immigrant Turns Original Idea into New Business

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Sarasota immigrant Mari-Anne Saunders (on right) preparing the Legacy Trail General Store for opening

Dickson Richard is a Sarasota immigrant with a fun and useful business proposal; opening the only retail store on the length of the Legacy Trail.  Called the Legacy Trail General Store it will be located at 595 Church St, Nokomis.  The property backs up to the Legacy Trail near its midpoint, not far from downtown Venice.  It will offer nutritious snacks and beverages, useful paraphernalia for bikers and runners, and a nice quiet seating area to relax.

Reporters from local TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers have already been raving about the fledgling business.   The General Store is a member of Friends of the Legacy Trail,  Beautification of Venice, and has applied to be on the bicycle advisory board for Sarasota County.

25,000 people use the Legacy Trail every month during season; 13,000 during of-season.  With numbers like these we believe that the Legacy Trail General Store stands poised for great success.

Acción Diferida – Que son los requisitos?

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Estos consejos proceden de UnidosNow, organización pro-inmigración de Sarasota.

OJO: Todavia no se sabe como va a ser el proceso para solicitar Acción Diferida. No se debe contratar a ningún “notario” que dice que puede entregar la solicitud para usted, esta mintiendo.

Aun asi, hay cosas que se puede hacer hoy para prepararse a solicitar accion diferida. Uno es sacar el Registro Escolar.

Parte del papeleo requerido para solicitar la accion diferida es el registro escolare.  Esto sirve para demostrar que usted o su hijo ha asistido a una escuela publica durante los ultimos años lo que ayudara a demostrar que usted ha residido en este pais.

Personas autorizadas para solicitar registros escolares:

  1. Padres de estudiantes de una escuela del condado de Sarasota
  2. Estudiantes ya graduados de una escuela del condado de Sarasota

Para los Padres

  1. Ustedes tienen que completar la “Solicitud de Registro del Estudiante”/”Request for Student Record” y marcar “transcript” y “attendance.”
  2. Usted puede enviar la solicitud por correo, fax o entregarla a la escuela a que asistira su hijo en el ano 2012-2013. Ojo, las escuelas primarias no tienen registros de estudiantes ya en secundaria. El registro acumulativo de cada estudiante se mueve con el estudiante de una escuela a otra.

Para los ex-estudiantes de una escuela del condado de Sarasota

  1. Si usted ya se graduo de una escuela del condado de Sarasota, tendra que completar la misma “Solicitud de Registro del Estudiante” pero, un su caso, hay que marcar “transcript,” “graduation verification,” y “attendance,” como los registros que se solicite.
  2. Luego tendra que enviar por correo, fax o entregar el formulario al “Centro de Retencion de Registros”/”Register Retention Center” en Osprey.

Las escuelas secundarias y el Centro de Retención de Registros solo estan abiertos entre lunes y jueves durante el mes de julio. Todas las asociaciones escolares de Sarasota estan cerradas los viernes durante el verano. Les recomiendo que soliciten su registro este mes. Puede haber numerosas solicitudes y las escuelas estarán muy ocupadas en el mes de agosto cuando el ano escolar empiece.  Los documentos serán procesados de forma gratuita.

Otros documentos recomendados para el proceso de accion diferida:

  • Cartas de aceptacion de una universidad
  • Becas y premios obtenidos
  • Records de trabajo voluntario, actividades extracurriculares y deportivas
  • Cartas de apoyo de un maestro, empleadores, amigos, etc
  • Los certificados de nacimiento de los niños

Para mas información sobre Acción Diferida vea:

  1. “USCIS Aceptará Solicitudes Para Acción Diferida el 15 de Agosto”
  2. “Deferred Action Applicants Should Collect Student Records Now”
  3. “Abogados de Jaensch Immigration Law Firm Reciben con Aprobación el Anuncio de Acción Diferida”


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Sarasota, FL – Abogados de Jaensch Immigration Law Firm recibieron con aprobación el anuncio reciente de la administración del Presidente Obama que inmigrantes jóvenes serán elegibles para solicitar “Acción Diferida” y la autorización de empleo. La política concederá a inmigrantes que son elegibles la oportunidad de vivir sin el miedo de ser deportado, y también les permitirá trabajar legalmente. Este anuncio lleva esperanza a inmigrantes y sus familias. Sin embargo, no es un arregló permanente, ni concede estatus legal permanente a ninguna persona.

Para ser elegible, un individuo tendrá que demonstrar que:

  • vino a los Estados Unidos siendo menor de dieciséis años de edad;
  • ha residido ininterrumpidamente en los Estados Unidos durante al menos cinco años antes de la fecha de este memorándum y está presente en los Estados Unidos en la fecha de este memorándum;
  • está asistiendo actualmente a la escuela, se ha graduado de la enseñanza secundaria, ha obtenido un certificado de desarrollo de educación general, o es un veterano que ha sido dado de alta con honores de los Guardacostas o las Fuerzas Armadas de los Estados Unidos;
  • no ha sido condenado por un delito mayor, un delito menor significativo, múltiples delitos menores ni representa una amenaza para la seguridad nacional o la seguridad pública;
  • no es mayor de treinta años de edad.

La acción diferida será disponible a individuos con casos en Corte de Inmigración, y también a individuos que solicitan el beneficio directamente con el Departamento de Inmigración.

La administración aun no está aceptando solicitudes para esta acción. En un plazo de sesenta días – en agosto – se espera que la administración de consejo e información sobre el proceso de solicitud para acción diferida y la autorización de empleo.

Si Usted no está en proceso de repatriación, NO solicite acción diferida en este momento. ¡Ojo con el fraude! Desafortunadamente, esta política puede abrir la puerta al fraude y decepción por “notarios.” En los Estados Unidos, los notarios no tienen la educación legal ni pueden actuar como abogado. Cualquier persona que dice que ya tiene la solicitud por acción diferida o que le pide honorarios para llenar una solicitud lo quiere estafar. El proceso para solicitar este beneficio no comienza hasta que sea anunciado por el gobierno federal. Su caso puede ser retrasado por causa de un notario, resultando en castigos, hasta deportación.

“¡Ten cuidado! No se ponga en peligro de ser descalificado por esta acción,” dijo Victoria Jeansch, una de los abogados de Jaensch Immigration Law Firm. “Asegúrase de que Usted hable con un abogado autorizado quien puede ayudarle con la solicitud y garantizar que Usted tiene la mejor posibilidad de beneficiarse de esta acción.”

Para más información, póngase en contacto con Jaensch Immigration Law Firm (941) 366-9841. Para más información sobre el anuncio, visite a También puede visitar para encontrar un abogado autorizado en su área.

Come out Tonight to the UnidosNow Forum on Deferred Action

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A representative from Jaensch Immigration Law Firm will be speaking at the event as well as many other local immigration experts.  Tonight from 7-8pm at 1750 17th St.

UnidosNow Deferred Action Forum Flyer

Deferred Action Applicants Should Collect Student Records Now

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Local Hispanic Community Organizer, UnidosNow, Advises Potential Deferred Action Applicants to Begin Collecting Student Records Immediately

In lieu of the June 15, 2012 immigration policy, parents and students who need student records will need to complete a “Student Record Request” (mark transcript and attendance-item 2). If your child is currently a student of a Sarasota County public school you may mail, fax or deliver the mentioned form to the 2012-2013 school. Elementary schools will not have the information for high school students. The cumulative file of each student “moves” with the student from school to school.

If you are a student who graduated from a Sarasota County School, please complete the “Student Record Request” , mark transcript, graduation verification and attendance as the records you are requesting. Mail, fax or deliver the form to the School Board of Sarasota County “Record Retention Center” at Osprey. The contact information is included in the form.

You may also access the student records request online here. Only high schools and the Record Retention Center might be opened in July from Monday through Thursday. All Sarasota School Board facilities are closed on Fridays during the summer months. There might be numerous requests for these documents and schools will be very busy in August with the new school year. I encourage you to process this request during the month of July. The documents will be processed free of charge.

Other documents for favorable use of discretion:

  • College acceptance letters
  • Scholarships/awards won
  • Volunteer work, extracurricular activities and sports
  • Letters of support from teachers, employers, friends, etc
  • Birth certificates of children

The attorneys at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm can assist with record requests for its deferred action clients.

For more information check out:

Sarasota Realtors Carla Rayman and Patricia Tan – Your Global Agents

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Carla Rayman and Patricia Tan, known as the Your Global Agents team, are Certified International Property Specialists. This designation is held by less than 2% of real estate agents worldwide and  means they are well prepared to assist international home buyers find the right property. Buying real estate can be a viable strategy for obtaining an E-2 investor visa, one of the steps toward a green card.

The Sarasota real estate market is once again experiencing pre-recession numbers. 800 properties were sold in March, April and May this year. Foreign buyers might be interested to know that due to the strength of the Real and the value in today’s Florida real estate, the number of Brazilians investing in Florida continues to increase. In fact in 2011, Brazilians purchased 80% of all new condos in the Miami market.

Watch the video below for a further introduction from Carla and Patricia.


In addition to assisting foreign home buyers find property in Sarasota, Carla and Patricia also market and sell property internationally. That means that they travel often. Carla will be in Brazil in August, exhibiting and speaking at a B2B property show in Brazil. Patricia will be in the UK in September, presenting there for the 14th year in a row. The event is appropriately named “A Place in the Sun.” And Carla will be in Russia in October speaking to agents and consumers about the benefits of homeownership in the United States and particularly Florida. A full schedule to be sure!

To learn more about Carla and Patricia and to contact them, visit their website: