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Immigration Lawyer Peter Jaensch Attends Pro-Immigration Rally in Sarasota

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Immigration attorney of Sarasota, Peter Jaensch, attended the pro-immigration rally held in front of the V-Day statue on the Sarasota waterfront on Wednesday, July 24.  The rally was organized by the ACLU which chose Sarasota and Tallahassee as sites for a pro-immigration rally in order to send a pro-immigration message to Florida Congressional representatives Vern Buchanan and Steve Southerland.

The immigration lawyers at Sarasota’s Jaensch Immigration Law Firm learned of the rally earlier in the week and founding member, Peter Jaensch, decided to lend his support and attend.

The rally was a great success.  Dozens of people lined US 41 with signs and balloons, urging the cars passing by to honk for immigration reform.  The drivers were not afraid to show their support and the air was filled with the sounds of honking vehicles and cheers from the intrepid ralliers.  Immigration attorney Peter Jaensch took a few photos and was even featured in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune article covering the event.

Immigration Lawyer of Sarasota at Rally

Immigration lawyer Peter Jaensch (left) at pro-immigration rally

Immigration Rally Sarasota.Reporter Max Winitz (cropped)

Immigration Rally Sarasota.Reporter Interviews Immigrant (cropped)

Immigration Rally Sarasota.Maria Quezada, Jeanette Ocasio, Max Winitz (cropped)

Immigration Lawyers Attend Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Vern Buchanan; Learn House’s Perspective on Immigration Reform

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On Saturday, July 20th, Congressman Vern Buchanan held a town hall meeting in Lakewood Ranch.  Jaensch Immigration Law Firm marketing coordinator, Michael Marquet, attended on behalf of the firm and several thousand of eligible local residents in order to ascertain the House of Representatives’ position on Immigration Reform.

Congressman Vern Buchanan speaks with constituents about Immigration Reform

Congressman Vern Buchanan speaks with constituents about Immigration Reform

After discussing the debt and deficit, issues most closely related to the Congressman’s work on the House Ways and Means Committee, Mr. Buchanan opened the floor to questions.  Several people spoke about the immigration reform bill the Senate passed earlier in July.  That bill, S.744, was co-drafted by Senator Marco Rubio, also of Florida.  Several attendees expressed their displeasure with S.744.

Congressman Buchanan hinted that the House might not take up the Senate’s version of immigration reform.  He spoke strongly against “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants and reiterated his dedication to security measures such as increasing border securitycreating a system for prosecuting visa overstays, and creating a mandatory, nation-wide e-verify system.

We at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm understand that there is reluctance towards creating a pathway to legalization and citizenship for people who entered the country without inspection or overstayed their visa.  At the same time, from our reading of the bill S.744, we believe there are several provisions that we think would undoubtedly benefit our economy while maintaining or strengthening our system of rule of law.  These provisions include the expansion of the number of H-1B Work Visas so corporations can recruit more of the world’s best talent to our shores, the creation of a Retiree Visa for immigrants over a certain age who invest in our economy through the purchase of a home, the Extension of Stay for Canadians who purchase property in the US, and the creation of a Start-up Visa for immigrants who have the idea and drive to start a business in the United States.

All these provisions are contained in S.744 along with a pathway to legalization and citizenship for undocumented immigrants.  At one point Mr. Marquet stood to address to Congressman to bring his attention to these economy-enhancing immigration reforms.  He urged the Congressman to consider the economic benefits of these reforms and asked the Congressman to speak clearly about whether the House would consider the Senate bill or break it up and vote on its provisions piecemeal.

Congressman Buchanan confirmed his view that the House was not going to take up the Senate Immigration Reform bill.  He mentioned a few of the immigration reform bills the House had already produced and said that more would probably appear after the August recess, in September and October.  

Congressman Vern Buchanan speaks with constituents about Immigration Reform

Congressman Vern Buchanan speaks with constituents about Immigration Reform

We hope that Mr. Buchanan will continue to consider the many ways that immigration reform could benefit our economy.  In Florida, from 2006-2010, there were 286,144 new immigrant business owners.  In 2010 these same business owners accounted for $13.3 billion in revenue, 23.8% of all business income in the state.  Immigrants invest, start businesses, and apply their expertise in our companies and corporations.  The legal entry of foreign persons who wish to pursue such activities should be encouraged.

Immigrant Athlete Resource: Impact Basketball/Elevation Academy

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Here at Jaensch Immigration Law Firm we are constantly searching for new resources for our clients.  We post information for immigrant investors looking for economic opportunities, for DREAMers and DACA applicants, and for immigrant athletes.  Lately we caught up with friend of the firm, Cary Cohenour, who told us about a new partnership with Impact Basketball/Elevation Academy.  We did our research and realized we had just found another great immigrant athlete resource in the Sarasota area.

Few areas match Sarasota-Bradenton for the quality of its athletic facilities.  The presence of world-renowned IMG Academy creates a strong gravitational pull that brings the best and brightest of the sports world to our warm shores.  Many coaches who may begin their career at IMG decide to start their own academy, focused on their area of passion, in the Sarasota-Bradenton area.  IMPACT Basketball/Elevation Academy is an example of such a place..

IMPACT Basketball Logo

IMPACT Basketball was founded by Joe Abunassar and Tom Carollo to train amateur and professional basketball athletes from all over the world.  All athletes receive the same training – intense but very effective.  A three-pronged approach of drills/skills, endurance and nutrition gives the training an incredible synergy.  You can check out what IMPACT does here:

2013 Elevation Logo

Elevation Preparatory Academy is an internationally accredited high school and post graduate college prep school.  The academy prepares students for college with rigorous academic engagement.  At the same time, the academy’s flexible schedule can accommodate the students’ extra-curricular area of focus.  They are a SEVIS-designated school, certified to issue I-20’s, which helps them attract international athletes.   IMPACT Basketball Academy, Celsius Tennis Academy, and Missing Links Golf Academy, all send their athletes to learn at Elevation Preparatory Academy.  You can look at Elevation’s website here:

Elevation provides apartment-style dormitory housing, meals and transportation.  All students are supervised 24/7 with a live-in coach in each unit, so parents can feel comfortable that their child is living in a safe environment.

One of the biggest issues for young immigrant athletes is qualifying for a visa to live and train for extended periods of time in the United States.  A student visa is one option for such athletes.  In order to qualify, the student must be attending a bona fide school.  IMPACT Basketball/Elevation Academy solve this issue by providing a place to learn that is tailored to the demanding schedules of young immigrant athletes in the Sarasota area.

Please find more information on Elevation Academy and Impact Basketball in the PDFs below:

Tips for Tennis Players Currently Selecting Universities by Coach Cary Cohenour

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Friend of the firm Cary Cohenour was recently published in Florida Tennis Magazine.  His article gives important advice to tennis players currently selecting a university to attend.

Cary Cohenour is Head Coach at the Celsius Tennis Academy in Sarasota

Cary Cohenour is Head Coach at the Celsius Tennis Academy in Sarasota

“Finding the right university for both tennis and the best education can be the most important decision in a student-athlete’s career.  There are no guarantees you will find the perfect fit in both areas.  It’s very important to weigh out your options.  For example, decide first if you are looking for a program that’s going to aide you in improving your game, if so, do a ‘background check’ on the coach.  Find out what kind of relationship he or she has had with past players.  Rarely will you find a coach at the lower ranked schools that spends a lot of time working to improve a players technical skills, but he or she might be a good motivator, which can be a huge asset if you arrive with a solid base in your game.  If you are looking to go Division I and you have the ranking to back it up, there are more talented coaches out there (in my opinion) than we have had in the history of college tennis.  Coaches such as Bryan Shelton, women’s coach at Georgia Tech and Mario Rinson, men’s coach at University at Miami, just to name a few.  These coaches are building players not just programs.  However, the majority of you should, and are thinking education first. It is very important that you don’t limit your options.  Remember, the coach is looking out for his or her job, so they might have their own reasons for not giving you a scholarship or helping you get in to the school.  Move on and start the process early.  If you wait too long it could be too late.  Make a long list, make a video and continue to be persistent, eventually you’ll find what you are looking for.

Tip: Meet with your high school counselor frequently and be realistic about where you can get in with your grades.”

Cary also tells us that Celsius has recently teamed up with the renowned Elevation Academy Basketball on McIntosh Rd.  Elevation has its own school and boarding facilities and many of its students come from abroad.

To read more about Coach Cary and Celsius Tennis Academy, check out our previous blog post.

For more information on sports immigration visit our SportsVisaAmerica website.

Immigrant Athlete Resource: John Newcombe Tennis Academy

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The Newcombe Tennis Academy motto is TEAM-FAMILY-TEAM.  This Texan Tennis Academy is more than just a training ground for dedicated and talented young tennis players.  It is a family of players, professionals, and mentors, unlimited in their goals, becoming one unified team striving for excellence.

Newcombe Tennis Academy Logo


To develop the entire person.  To impact each child’s life through the sport of tennis.  To unleash a player’s potential.


One of the world’s finest tennis academies, John Newcombe’s world class tennis program uses every aspect of tennis training to develop a player’s full potential with a strong emphasis on match play and tournament competition.  Coaches travel with players to tournaments to observe them and then return back to the Ranch to work on areas in need of improvement.

The Tennis Academy offers 24 hard courts, 4 hydro clay courts, a recreation room with computer access, pool/spa, state-of-the-art weights and fitness center, and full-time expert trainers.  Newcombe’s staff utilize sports psychology to work on the mental aspects of the game as well as video analysis for the technical aspects of the game.

Newcombe Tennis Academy Athletics
One of the Academy’s strongest areas is their vigorous and intense fitness program.  Phil Hendrie, Director, is one of the top fitness experts in the United States.  He conducts a variety of footwork, speed and endurance training, as well as a weekly weight training program.

Newcombe Tennis Academy Academics


New Braunfels High School is repeatedly recognized for academic excellence with SAT scores that surpass both state and national averages.

There are also several private schools nearby or on campus that provide excellent educational opportunities for Tennis Academy students.  Going to school while training is one way for an immigrant athlete to qualify for a visa.

The Academy offers an onsite tutor and study room.

Newcombe Tennis Academy


The Tennis Academy staff is in constant contact with college coaches and often plays host to coaches and recruiters.  They are dedicated to finding a university that fits the students’ academic and tennis standards.

They guide the students through the NCAA registration and clearing house process, take them to SAT and TOEFL tests and well as develop college recruiting videos.

In the last decade they have had 100% college placement success.

Newcombe Tennis Academy students have attended:

UCLA Ohio State University
Vanderbilt University US Air Force Academy
College of William & Mary Texas A&M
Purdue University University of Texas
Colorado State University University of Georgia
Boise State University Georgia Tech
US Military Academy at Westpoint University of Tennessee
Furman University DePaul University
University of Michigan Florida State University
Harvard University North Carolina State University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Rice University

and many more!


The John Newcombe Tennis Academy offers generous scholarships to eligible students.

For more information on their year-round tennis training program, please contact Mariel Tinnirello:

For more information on sports immigration visit our SportsVisaAmerica website.

Alliance of Commercial Law Firms Serves Multi-National Businesses

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Sarasota Immigrants Mean Business

Some immigrants work for an overseas business and want to form a subsidiary in Sarasota.  Others decide to start a new business in Sarasota and later expand operations back to their country of origin.  Traditionally, when Sarasota immigrants have needed legal assistance on matters with an overseas component, the have had very limited options. Typically, they would engage a large multi-national law firm. Unfortunately, these law firms usually charge substantial fees and are rarely oriented to meet the needs of a smaller business.

The good news is that our community has access to a law firm which is connected to the new model of global legal services.

Mike Wilson

Attorney Michael Wilson of Williams Parker

Williams Parker regularly helps Sarasota’s most innovative companies achieve their global objectives.  Whether expanding a back-office support center in Mumbai, establishing a joint venture manufacturing operation in Mexico, or securing a trademark in France, their clients rely on them to help them address their business challenges wherever their business interests take them.

Traditional Model for Global Law Firms
As the world’s large companies became global during the second half of the 20th century, law firms that hoped to continue to serve those companies expanded their operations by establishing and staffing offices around the globe.  Today, these “global firms” are comprised of as many as 3,800 lawyers spread across 70 offices.  Historically, the primary advantage of a global law firm was to offer global clients a single “shop” from which to purchase legal services wherever the clients’ transactions or projects might arise.  Of course, the costs to maintain and staff law offices across the globe are very high.  These costs translate into high fees—which can be tolerated by very large companies, but which are nearly always too expensive for smaller companies.  Thus, for many years, only the world’s largest companies could afford access to legal counsel for international business.  However, over the last few years, an alternative model has emerged which offers many of the advantages of a global firm, but which addresses two key disadvantages.

International Networks—The New Model to Provide Global Legal Service
As the speed and cost of communications have declined, international networks of individual law firms have emerged as the new model to provide global legal services.  Several years ago, Williams Parker joined one of the leading international networks of business-focused law firms—the International Alliance of Law Firms (the “Alliance”).  The Alliance is comprised of 63 law firms in 40 countries around the world, including member firms in the world’s money centers (i.e., London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York) and important commercial locations (e.g., Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Shanghai).  In addition, members of the Alliance know lawyers and law firms in virtually every location in which their clients want to conduct business.  The Alliance’s network of lawyers offers the geographic reach of the largest global law firms but without the administrative costs needed to support a global law firm structure.

Using this global network model, Williams Parker helps clients secure legal advice at fees well below the fees charged by global firms.  In addition, when compared to global firms,  Alliance members deliver, on average, more practical advice for clients than global firms provide.  Occasionally, a client might want someone to provide a preliminary point of view on a legal matter.  At other times, a client may need extensive research or a more formal legal opinion.  In either situation, Alliance members are well suited to provide practical solutions.

Examples of Clients’ Global Projects
Case Study #1—Mumbai.  One of Williams Parker’s clients has two related operations—one based in Sarasota and one in Mumbai, India.  As business in Mumbai began to accelerate, the client needed India-specific legal assistance with regulatory, finance, tax, and corporate issues.  At the same time, the client needed assistance to structure an investment by a U.S. investor in the Mumbai operations.  Williams Parker helped the client engage an Indian law firm (which is a member of the Alliance) with an office in Mumbai, and they continue to coordinate closely with Indian counsel to navigate the full range of U.S., Indian, and international issues the client faces.

Case Study #2—Mexico.  A Williams Parker client with a local manufacturing operation engaged them to help create a joint venture with a Mexican partner to manufacture goods in Mexico.  The purpose of the joint venture was to expand the client’s market to Mexican and other Latin American consumers.  To address Mexican corporate and regulatory questions, Williams Parker connected their client with the Alliance member with an office in Monterrey, Mexico.  The client has now completed the joint venture negotiations and is developing its facility with its Mexico-based partner.

For more information regarding the Alliance, please contact Mike Wilson at (941) 536-2043 or

New Business for Sale May Help Investor Qualify for EB-5 Visa

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Sarasota business broker Rita Barbato recently shared news that she is listing a business for sale that could help the potential buyer qualify for an EB-5 Visa, an automatic green card.

Business Broker Rita Barbato BSEE, CM&AA

Business Broker Rita Barbato BSEE, CM&AA

Rita Barbato is a recognized leader in the business brokerage industry and a skilled negotiator with many years of experience.  She is known for her dedication, persistence and energy.  Her degree in engineering combined with entrepreneurial and international experience are of tremendous benefit to her clients.  When you work with Ms. Barbato you will understand why 90% of her clients are referred by someone she has worked with before.

Packaging Co. Available for acquisition for EB-5 Visa

An immigrant may obtain an EB-5 Investor Visa by investing at least $500,000 in a commercial enterprise in a designated high-unemployment area or by investing at least $1 million in a commercial enterprise that is not in such an area.  The investment must lead to the creation of at least 10 new American jobs to qualify the investor for the visa.  The investor must prove that the money was legally earned and must still have the money invested after two years.  In addition to investing in individual businesses, some investors chose to invest in regional centers which pool and manage the money and undertake the work of creating the requisite number of jobs.

Other articles in Investor Visas:

Cuidado con los Taxes

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Fraude con los impuestos

Cuidado con el fraude

La semana pasada apareció en el Sarasota Herald Tribune un artículo sobre Fernando Torres, el contador culpable de entregar mas que 200 declaraciones de impuestos fraudulentes.  Queremos tomar esta oportunidad para avisarles que no se metan con el fraude.  La razón principal es que se perjudicaría la posibilidad de pedir la legalización.

Si la reforma migratoria pase, el camino a la legalización requerirá que los solicitantes presente sus declaraciones de impuestos y, si no los tengan bien, que paguen lo que deben en “back-taxes.”  El hecho de fraude supondría un délito y perjudicaría la aplicación entera.

Si usted espera un dia legalizarse haga las cosas bien.  En este pais no hay corto camino y las cosas tienen que ser claras.  Si usted ha cometido el fraude, corrigalo.

Y, en el futuro, busque un contador que le haran las cosas bien, que no intentaran cometir fruade.  Pregunte las preguntas importantes hasta que usted está cómodo con las resuestas.

Nosotros en Jaensch Immigration Law Firm estamos dispuestos a ayudarle encontrar un contador responsable y cuidadoso cuando lo necesite.

Sarasota’s Nationally Recognized Schools Attract Ambitious Immigrant

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Nikolai Safonov

Nikolai Safonov

Nikolay Safonov began his career as a computer programmer and system architect for a major State Hospital in Moscow (GKB Botkina).  At the age of 26 he was a team leader for a group of developers of accounting software.

At the dawn of 90s his career took a turn towards commercial applications.  His work at an international frozen food trader (Salmit) led him to gain a great deal of experience in international trade, cross-boundary project management, and in other areas that are vital in this age of globalization.

In 1999 Salmit was planning to expand its operation into the Western Hemisphere.  A subsidiary company (Salmit USA, LLC) was established, and Mr. Safonov took the position of General Manager in it.  In order to live and work in the US Mr. Safonov applied for and obtained an L-1 Intra-Company Transfer Visa.  That was his first exposure to the L-1 visa.  Over the next few years Mr. Safonov obtained permanent residency and, eventually, US citizenship.

Mr. Safonov urged our readers to seek the counsel of a professional when making decisions regarding visas and moving to the United States.  Despite his own considerable qualifications and the fact that he did work with an attorney in the States he had a difficult time sponsoring his daughter, who was held up in Moscow for a few years.  Navigating the government bureaucracy of immigration should not be done alone, he advises.

From the very first days of doing business in the US Nikolay understood the importance of “local expertise”.  Namely, comprehensive understanding of the US market, legislation, financial system, and means of communication.  Learning English is critical to living in the US.  It is also a very marketable skill.

Mr. Safonov invested considerable amounts of time in his own education in order to obtain a competitive edge in the US market.  He studied English to a level that allowed him to enroll into an Ivy League MBA program (Columbia University GSB).  Since graduating from the MBA program in 2006 Nikolay continued his education, obtaining numerous professional certifications (Series 7, Insurance and Annuities, Real Estate and Business Brokerage to name a few).

Mr. Safonov moved to Sarasota a few years ago so his daughter could attend the prestigious Pine View School.  Mr. Safonov had read about the school’s reputation and, understanding the importance of education to one’s advancement in this country, strongly desired for her to go to one of the best schools in the country.  We are very pleased that Mr. Safonov chose Sarasota.

Currently, Mr. Safonov provides consulting and business brokerage services to the citizens of former USSR countries, helping them establish their presence in the USA and, potentially, immigrate to America.

To contact Mr. Safonov:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype: Nikolay.Safonov1
  • Phone in Moscow +7 (495) 215-02-89
  • Phone in the US: +1 (941) 866 1905
  • Web site (in Russian):

Services offered:

  1. Businesses for sale (for L-1A and E-2 prospects)
  2. Real estate in Florida (residential and commercial)
  3. Business consulting
  4. Accounting set up
  5. HR consulting
  6. Premises acquisition
  7. Business planning (including immigration targeted plans)
  8. Florida entities registration
  9. Advertisement

Looking for a Franchise? This Man Can Help

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Sarasota immigrants who invest in a franchise may be able to qualify for an investor visa (here’s a video with more information on qualifying for an investor visa).  However, many of these immigrants are not sure what type of business they want to run.  Vince Otrusina can help.

Mr. Otrusina is a franchise consultant with Franchise Helpers, LLC.  He helps people find the right franchise for them – “matchmaking,” as he calls it.

Immigrant investors can find assistance buying a franchise with Franchise Helpers LLC

Immigrant investors can find assistance buying a franchise with Franchise Helpers, LLC

Mr. Otrusina can match an immigrant investor with a wide variety of franchises from Aamco™ to FastSigns™ to SportClips™ and more.  As he puts it, what matters more than the name of the franchise is matching the buyer’s skill sets with the requirements of the work involved.  Certain investors might want a franchise with a well-known name but the work involved may not fit well with their lifestyle.  Mr. Otrusina makes buyers aware of what is entailed with certain franchises and, once he understands the buyer’s profile, advises them on which franchises would fit best with their lifestyle and skill sets.  “A common mistake made by franchise seekers is to focus on the product or service of the franchise instead of the business model and its characteristics,” he says.

Mr. Otrusina spends extensive amounts of time educating immigrant investors on the franchising process.  He ensures that investors are aware of all the factors they should consider when buying a franchise so they can perform their due diligence effectively.  He spends 3-4 hours educating his clients on the process, urging them to investigate whether there are any lawsuits against the franchisor and to comb over the financial information.

Mr. Otrusina cautions that franchises are not simply bought, they are awarded.  He confides that he often advises immigrant investors to look at other franchise opportunities than the one they were first interested in.  He emphasizes that matching one’s professional profile, the financial strength of the franchisor, and the demands of its day-to-day operation are more important than personal shopping preferences and tastes.

For more information, feel free to read the following documents:

Immigrant investors can find Mr. Otrusina through his website:, or his email:

Maria Eckardt: Sarasota Immigrant and Co-Founder of Flight Source International

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Maria Eckardt’s story is illustrative of the many ways that Sarasota’s immigrants use their diverse backgrounds to bring success and prosperity to our area.

Maria Eckardt

Maria Eckardt

Maria Eckardt’s first encounter with flight was a dramatic one.  She and her family were fleeing Cuba aboard a Freedom Flight from that country to Puerto Rico.  Cuban authorities only allowed 1 suitcase per person.  All valuable items were confiscated, including Maria’s earrings.  She was 5 years old.

Today she is the co-founder and Director of International Sales of Flight Source International, the Southeast’s largest airplane brokerage with agents and offices across the globe.  But it wasn’t a direct flight from Puerto Rico to manager at a multinational company.

Maria’s family eventually settled down in North Hollywood, California where she grew up and was working when she met Eric Eckardt.  The two were working together at a direct marketing company.  Conditions were not optimal so Eric and Maria both showed their entrepreneurial spirit by deciding to leave the company and starting one of their own.  They managed their own direct marketing firm for a few years then moved to Sarasota.  Eric’s parents were in Sarasota and Maria had a sister here as well.  In addition, they were starting a family and Sarasota seemed like a better place to raise one than L.A.

Both Eric and Maria soon found jobs in Sarasota.  Eric in airplane research and sales and Maria at the Health Department where her knowledge of Spanish greatly assisted the staff in communicating with and serving Latino patients.

In 1994, with 8 years of experience in aircraft sales, Eric decided to start his own firm.  Maria wanted to get back in to sales as well and Eric wanted the new firm, Flight Source, to be international so they founded the company together and Maria became the Director of International Sales.

Flight Source International

Flight Source International’s Hangar at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport

Flight Source International’s founding occurred auspiciously in the midst of the devaluation of the Mexican peso.  Mexican nationals were selling their airplanes as quickly as they could.  Maria’s knowledge of Spanish placed Flight Source International in an ideal position to broker sales of those airplanes.

The company grew from there.  In April Maria was featured in a Sarasota Magazine article on women in business.  She brought that article with her to the prestigious Top Marques Monaco Luxury Auto Show where she and Eric were able to meet Prince Albert II himself.  To them it was just another day on the job.

Eric Eckardt (center) shares a laugh with Prince Albert II (left) at the Top Marques Monaco

Eric Eckardt (center) shares a laugh with Prince Albert II (left) at the Top Marques Monaco

Helicopter Used in latest James Bond Film on exhibition at Top Marques Monaco

Helicopter used in latest James Bond Film on exhibition at Top Marques Monaco

Flight Source International is currently seeking multilingual sales professionals with the drive to sell big-ticket items.  They are also open to partnerships with international investors who want to help the company increase its reach overseas.  Those interested must want to be involved with a growing company with global ambitions.  Flight source international represents over 170 aircraft worldwide, more than any other company in the business, and their goal is to eventually have a Flight Source office or representative in every region of the globe.  Flight Source International just signed an agreement with a Czech Republic company, Evektor, to distribute its new light sport aircraft and upcoming turboprop aircraft, both of which will compete with Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft.  They are also expanding into the charter business to provide statewide service here in Florida, as well as the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean.

For more information on the SeaMax and Evektor aircraft please review the following pdfs:

Interested parties can contact the Eckardt’s through their company website: or their phone number: (941) 355-9585

Manatee Community Federal Credit Union Announces New President, Sherod Halliburton

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We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sherod Halliburton on his appointment to President of Manatee Community Federal Credit Union.  Jaensch Immigration Law Firm is working closely with MCFCU to enable those who may wish to apply for legalization under the potential new immigration reform may begin saving money in order to do so.  If Immigration Reform passes, applying for legalization would be expensive.  Applicants would have to pay government fees as well as back taxes.  The total amount is still uncertain but is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars per person.  Fortunately, MCFCU has developed a financial instrument that will allow those who qualify to begin saving money now.  For more information readers are welcome to contact Jaensch Immigration Law Firm (941) 366-9841 or MCFCU (941) 941-748-7704 ext. 103.

MCFCU President Sherod Halliburton

MCFCU President Sherod Halliburton

In the meantime we are including the press release announcement of Sherod’s appointment below:

Manatee Community Federal Credit Union announces the appointment of Sherod Halliburton to President effective July 1, 2013. He replaces the long standing President Cindy Barco who retired after thirty-five years of exemplary service.  Mr. Halliburton has been employed by MCFCU as Executive Vice President since February 2012.  Prior to that Mr. Halliburton served as the Executive Director for the Bradenton Central Community Redevelopment Agency (CCRA) for over seven years.

While at the Bradenton CCRA Halliburton was instrumental in launching three key economic development organizations – the Central Economic Development Center, the award winning CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, and Suncoast Community Capital. All three organizations have thrived and have filled very important gaps in economic and community development programming in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Under Halliburton’s direction, CareerEdge was awarded the President’s Award from the Florida Redevelopment Association which celebrates the number one redevelopment project in the state of Florida.  More recently CareerEdge was honored with the Exemplary Collaborative Award from the National Fund for Workforce Solutions given to the top National Fund sites in the country.  “Mr. Halliburton has connections deeply rooted in the community and provides the credit union the ability to deliver financial services and programs that are much needed by our members”, said Vin Foderingham, MCFCU Chief Financial Officer and Board Member.  “The credit union has a great future ahead of it and with Sherod’s leadership there’s no doubt that we will reach another level of success.  We certainly thank Cindy Barco for her exemplary service over the years and wish her well in her retirement.”

Manatee Community Federal Credit Union was founded as Tropicana Employees Federal Credit Union in 1958. Halliburton’s relationship with MCFCU dates back to 2007 when he was the first non-Tropicana employee ever appointed to the board of directors where he served with distinction for five years.  Mr. Halliburton was instrumental in the transformation of MCFCU from exclusively serving Tropicana Employees into one of only three credit unions in Florida designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as a Community Development Financial Institution.  This designation recognizes MCFCU’s commitment to providing quality and specialized financial serves to underserved consumers throughout Manatee County.   “It’s evident that Sherod has a way with making positive changes with all that he undertakes. He has a proven track record as a result of his forward thinking and vision.  I am confident that within the credit union movement he will continue this pattern which can only enhance the lives of our MCFCU members, their families and our community,” says Cindy Barco, retiring MCFCU President.

Find out more about how Manatee Community Federal Credit Union and Jaensch Immigration Law Firm are working together to help Sarasota-Manatee residents prepare for the potential Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

How to Prepare for Immigration Reform (Spanish) from L. Michael Marquet

Preparate para la Reforma Migratoria

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Cesar Gomez da nuevo seminario sobre los cambios que vienen en la ley de inmigración.

Reforma Migratoria Seminario

Cesar Gomez Habla sobre la Reforma Migratoria

El senado paso reforma migratoria, todavía un proyecto de ley, el 27 de junio.  Significa un paso más en el proceso de apruebo de una gran reforma que, entre otras metas, crearía un camino hacía la legalización para las personas indocumentadas en este pais.

Una vez aprobada, mucha gente va a querer aplicar para la legalización.  Esto crearía filas y retrasos nunca vistos en el tramite de aplicaciones.  Por esta razón, los abogados de Jaensch Immigration Law Firm quieren que la comunidad este preparada lo antes posible para las oportunidades que esta reforma pueda crear.

Por eso se ha organizado una serie de seminarios que se están dando en los condados de Sarasota, Manatee y DeSoto entre companías, organizaciones sin fines de lucro, e iglesias.  El último seminario, de que se ve la foto arriba, se dio en las oficinas de Suncoast Community Capital en Bradenton.  Cesar Gomez, anterior director de la cámara de comercio hispana del golfo y abogado en Colombia, hablo de los posibles cambios en la ley de inmigración, como prepararse para ellos, y como empezar a ahorrar dinero para las multas e impuestos que uno tendra que pagar para legalizarse.

Los seminarios se dan con la participación de TVNet Group que incluye los periódicos “La Guia,” “7Dias,” y “Buen Vivir.”  Luis Baron, fundador de TVNet Group, ha puesto anuncios y artículos sobre estos seminarios en sus periódicos y le agradezemos su ayuda.

TVNet Media Group

TVNet Media Group

Nosotros de Jaensch Immigration Law Firm vamos a dar estos seminarios en varios lugares en Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, y Arcadia en los meses vienen.  Si usted sabe alguien que puede usar esta información o quiere actuarse como anfitrión para un seminario, por favor, contáctenos: 941-366-9841.

Aprende como se puede empezar a prepararse ya para los posibles cambios en la ley de inmigración.

How to Prepare for Immigration Reform (Spanish) from L. Michael Marquet