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Immigration Sarasota is the Leading  Information Resource for Sarasota Immigrants and Those That Serve Them.

Started by Sarasota immigration attorney P. Christopher Jaensch, managing partner of Jaensch Immigration Law Firm, “Immigration Sarasota” is meant to be a source of information for local immigrants as well as those individuals and businesses interested in working with international clients.

Established over 30 years ago, Jaensch Immigration Law Firm is one of the largest immigration law firms on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Chris, Victoria and Peter Jaensch

Chris, Victoria and Peter Jaensch

We use this blog to emphasize the local impact of national immigration policy.  The information provided is written for foreign workers, athletes, students, entrepreneurs and investors as well as local employers with foreign-born employees, and local businesses that want to learn how to better help foreign-born clients.

But does more than provide information.  It serves as a virtual meeting hall and gathering place for local immigration supporters.  The site features area businesses and describes their experiences with the challenges of immigration compliance and finding qualified and available workers.

We also include a list of local groups and individuals who support immigration reform as a way to improve the local economy.  When opportunities arise to organize and promote pro-immigration policies, the site will mobilize its participants.

About Jaensch Immigration Law Firm

We are Sarasota immigration attorneys.  Our immigration-only law firm represents international clients and businesses applying for visas, work permits and ‘Green Cards‘. We also offer business entity and corporate formations.

Our attorneys are trained in U.S. Immigration matters and are competent to answer your questions and handle your immigration situation.

Our staff speaks English, German, French, and Spanish.

Mission statement

The goal of our law firm is to smoothly secure the type of visa that suits each of our clients’ needs.

Promoting our clients’ understanding of the various types of visas and the manner in which they can be utilized by clients and their employees is crucial to us.

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