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Sarasota Sports Medicine Doctor Sees Positive Results from use of Stem Cells

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Dr. William Bennett’s Office on Tamiami Trail

Dr. William Bennett has been practicing sports medicine in Sarasota for 6 years.  He was an early adopter of the experimental use of adult stem cells in treating sports injuries.  After 2-4 years of follow-up study he is more willing to share what he has found, and the results are good.

He treated one of the world’s major Polo Patrons with bone marrow derived adult stem cells.  After the procedure, this patient took his team, Zacara, on to win the British Open Gold Cup and the US Open.  This patient had flown from London to Sarasota to be treated by Dr. Bennett.

He has treated the national over-50 bodybuilding champion, the AAA beach volleyball champion, the vintage motorcycle champion, and a 16-year-old IMG golfer in similar fashion.

The advantage to using adult derived stem cells, besides the fact that they do not present any of the moral issues that embryonic stem cells do, is that the stem cells can grow into any other kind of cell.  When Dr. Bennett injects stem cells into a damaged area the cells automatically begin to regrow tissue necessary to that area.  There is a recent push among orthopedists to use human-derived treatments.  The more the body can heal itself the more long-term and healthy the repair will be.  Using stem-cells is part of this movement.

For more information visit Dr. Bennett’s website, and click on the “Health Library” link.  Dr. Bennett’s office is located at 1250 S. Tamiami Tr Suite 303, Sarasota, FL 34239, (941) 953-5509.