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Sarasota-Bradenton Business Brokers Adkins Florida Group Bring Wealth of International Experience, Expertise

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Sarasota Immigration Attorney P. Christopher Jaensch

Sarasota Immigration Attorney P. Christopher Jaensch

One viable strategy for qualifying for a US visa is to invest in or buy an existing US business.  There are several visas that an investor can qualify for including the E2 Investor Visa, the L1 Intra-Company Transfer Visa, and the EB-5 Investor Green Card.  For those who might be looking for these types of visas, the Adkins Florida Group can help you find an appropriate business to purchase or invest in.

Based in Bradenton, FL, this 5-member team of real estate and business brokers brings a wealth of international experience and industry expertise to the table.  The Adkins Florida Group was founded five years ago by James P. Adkins and his father, James E. Adkins.

Mr. Adkins the younger worked as a surveyor for many years, travelling the globe.  Australia, Western Europe, and Canada are just a few of the places he’s called home.  He always returned to the Sarasota-Bradenton area after his travels and so it was a natural choice of location to start his business.

The Adkins Group is Based in Bradenton, FL

The Adkins Group is Based in Bradenton, FL

Mr. Adkins and his partners are members of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) Association.  Out of 100,000 licensed real estate professionals in Florida, only 900 are part of the BBF.  Being one of the few real estate brokerages in the Sarasota-Bradenton area that is part of this association means the Adkins Florida Group has expertise and specialized knowledge that few other firms in the area can match.  They have been connecting entrepeneurs and investors to sound businesses for 5 years now.

In addition, the Adkins Florida Group helps their clients take advantage of the many new business incentives that are available in Sarasota and Manatee counties.  Such incentives include tax breaks for new business owners and for hiring local workers.  Mr. Adkins ensures that new business owners are introduced to the appropriate contacts to help them take advantage of these programs.

Florida, and Manatee and Sarasota Counties in particular, have much to offer a prospective business owner or investor.  The road and rail network is first rate, with Interstate 75 passing through both counties.  The additional presence of Port Manatee is making the area a hub for intermodal shipping.  Florida enjoys a multi-cultural and well-educated workforce, and the Florida lifestyle attracts even more talent to the state.  None of these factors take in to account Florida’s geographic advantage of being the gateway to Latin America.

To contact Mr. Adkins call 941-713-0635 or visit their office at 5239 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida 34209.

How to Get an E2 Investor Visa Using a Real Estate-based Strategy

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Here’s the transcript from Chris Jaensch’s talk with the Sarasota Association of Realtors about E-2 visas for investors.  Getting an E-2 visa is a good strategy for staying the United States for extended periods of time.  Enjoy the video below!

So let’s say you are an immigrant and you’ve come to Sarasota and you love it and you want to stay permanently.  At this point you should call my law firm.  We come up with different strategies that help immigrants stay in the United States for longer periods of time than a visitor visa allows.

One strategy is the E-2 Investor Visa.  In order to qualify there has to be an existing treaty between your country and the United States.  This visa allows you to spend up to 5 years in the United States and can be renewed every 5 years but you have to invest in and own a controlling interest in an active US business.  You either have to buy one that already exists or start one from scratch.  Usually $100,000 is a good amount to invest to qualify.  The business has to be active and it has to pass a marginality requirement.  In other words it has to create jobs for US workers or produce more than you as the investor and your family needs to live.  Again, the visa lasts for 5 years and can be renewed for as long as the business is active.

Just buying rental properties, unfortunately, will usually not qualify you for an E-2 visa.  But you can incorporate real estate into an existing E-2 strategy; buying commercial properties can help you qualify, so can the business of buying, renovating and selling properties.  It is up to your creativity as an investor and what you are interested in doing.