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New Commercial Opportunities for Southwest Florida Immigrants

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Major Transportation and Building Projects in Sarasota

In their ongoing effort to provide the latest and most pertinent information to immigrant investors, members of Jaensch Immigration Law Firm attended the Sarasota Association of Realtor’s Commercial Investment Division’s monthly meeting this week to learn about the latest changes and opportunities that are coming to Sarasota.  Indeed, big changes are coming that will bring new investment opportunities throughout the area.

Invest in Southwest Florida

The Commercial Investment Division met at The Francis

There are plans to reconnect the downtown to the waterfront through the use of roundabouts at strategic intersections along US 41.  Roundabouts have proved very effective at relieving traffic congestion and allowing more foot traffic to flow across intersections in Clearwater Beach.  City planners envision the new roundabouts in Sarasota will do the same.  More foot traffic will also mean more customers for retail and storefront spaces on the roundabouts.

Invest in Florida Gulf Coast

The locations of the proposed roundabouts

Several building projects throughout Sarasota are in various stages of completion.  The Jewel, at the corner of Main St and Gulf Stream, with 19 condos and 2 floors of commercial space, is under construction.  Plans for a new hotel and retail space at Palm Ave and Coconut, across from the new Palm Ave Parking Garage, are in the final phases.  Plans for another hotel, condos, and retail space on the waterfront next to the Ritz Carlton are well-underway.  Finally, the city plans to renovate the middle stretch of Main St. so as to invite more retail and commercial investors and more foot traffic to sustain such development.

In short, Sarasota is poised for dramatic growth.  In order to hear about all the exciting new investment opportunities as they develop immigrant investors should subscribe to Jaensch Immigration Law Firm’s newsletter.

Immediate Commercial Opportunity in Lee County

Immigrant investors in Southwest Florida will be interested to know about a new commercial investment opportunity in Lee County.  This one comes from our good friend Rita Barbato.  The business performs landscaping and yard services in Lee County which includes the cities of Fort Myers and Cape Coral.  Ms. Barbato reports that the investment would include $246,500 worth of equipment such as saws, stump grinders, a trailer, a chipper truck, a grapple truck and several bucket trucks.  The current owner is retiring.  Cash flow is $161,188, gross income is $424,600 and the asking price is $515,000.  There are 8 employees.

Immigrant investors who would like to see if the business could help them qualify for a visa should request more information from Ms. Barbato: 813-833-0487,  With more detailed financial information we can determine how the business may be used in an immigration strategy.

Investment Opportunity Southwest Florida


Sarasota Developer Seeks Joint Venture Partner

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Looking for Investors to Help Establish New B&Bs in Sarasota

An experienced Sarasota developer has drawn up plans to build several new Bed and Breakfast facilities.  This developer brings over 60 years experience in the hospitality business to this project.  His vision is to build bed and breakfasts in convenient locations for families passing through the area, stopping to visit Sarasota attractions, using the planned Nathan Bendersen Park, and visiting their relatives.  The first facility will be built in a quiet location near Fruitville Rd and I-75.  Each facility will cost approximately $650,000 with a minimum investment of $200,000 from the investor (financing may be available for the balance).

Foreign investors might be able to obtain an E-2 Treaty Investor visa by investing in this project.  Note that if the investor is seeking an E-2 Treaty Investor visa, he/she may have to invest more than $200,000 to ensure that financing for the project does not exceed 50% of the total project value.  For more information on how to qualify for an E-2 Treaty Investor visa contact Jaensch Immigration Law Firm.  Those who wish to learn more about this particular project may contact commercial broker Dean Hunter.

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