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Sarasota’s Nationally Recognized Schools Attract Ambitious Immigrant

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Nikolai Safonov

Nikolai Safonov

Nikolay Safonov began his career as a computer programmer and system architect for a major State Hospital in Moscow (GKB Botkina).  At the age of 26 he was a team leader for a group of developers of accounting software.

At the dawn of 90s his career took a turn towards commercial applications.  His work at an international frozen food trader (Salmit) led him to gain a great deal of experience in international trade, cross-boundary project management, and in other areas that are vital in this age of globalization.

In 1999 Salmit was planning to expand its operation into the Western Hemisphere.  A subsidiary company (Salmit USA, LLC) was established, and Mr. Safonov took the position of General Manager in it.  In order to live and work in the US Mr. Safonov applied for and obtained an L-1 Intra-Company Transfer Visa.  That was his first exposure to the L-1 visa.  Over the next few years Mr. Safonov obtained permanent residency and, eventually, US citizenship.

Mr. Safonov urged our readers to seek the counsel of a professional when making decisions regarding visas and moving to the United States.  Despite his own considerable qualifications and the fact that he did work with an attorney in the States he had a difficult time sponsoring his daughter, who was held up in Moscow for a few years.  Navigating the government bureaucracy of immigration should not be done alone, he advises.

From the very first days of doing business in the US Nikolay understood the importance of “local expertise”.  Namely, comprehensive understanding of the US market, legislation, financial system, and means of communication.  Learning English is critical to living in the US.  It is also a very marketable skill.

Mr. Safonov invested considerable amounts of time in his own education in order to obtain a competitive edge in the US market.  He studied English to a level that allowed him to enroll into an Ivy League MBA program (Columbia University GSB).  Since graduating from the MBA program in 2006 Nikolay continued his education, obtaining numerous professional certifications (Series 7, Insurance and Annuities, Real Estate and Business Brokerage to name a few).

Mr. Safonov moved to Sarasota a few years ago so his daughter could attend the prestigious Pine View School.  Mr. Safonov had read about the school’s reputation and, understanding the importance of education to one’s advancement in this country, strongly desired for her to go to one of the best schools in the country.  We are very pleased that Mr. Safonov chose Sarasota.

Currently, Mr. Safonov provides consulting and business brokerage services to the citizens of former USSR countries, helping them establish their presence in the USA and, potentially, immigrate to America.

To contact Mr. Safonov:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype: Nikolay.Safonov1
  • Phone in Moscow +7 (495) 215-02-89
  • Phone in the US: +1 (941) 866 1905
  • Web site (in Russian):

Services offered:

  1. Businesses for sale (for L-1A and E-2 prospects)
  2. Real estate in Florida (residential and commercial)
  3. Business consulting
  4. Accounting set up
  5. HR consulting
  6. Premises acquisition
  7. Business planning (including immigration targeted plans)
  8. Florida entities registration
  9. Advertisement