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Successful EB-5 Program in South Florida Seeks Immigrant Investors

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There is a new EB-5 investor visa regional center program in South Florida that is currently seeking foreign investors.  This EB-5 program is administered by a company called QueensFort Capital which is the exclusive franchisee of Sonic Corporation, a fast-food chain, in the region.  The program intends to develop 50 new Sonic restaurants throughout South Florida with the capital from EB-5 investors.

EB-5 Investor Visa

In order to qualify for an EB-5 visa, a foreign investor must invest $1 million – or $500,000 in an area of high unemployment – in a new or existing commercial enterprise and the investment has to lead to the creation of 10 new full-time jobs for Americans.

QueensFort Capital is using its status as the exclusive franchisee of Sonic Corporation in South Florida to build a successful EB-5 program.  They channel the foreign investment from immigrants who want to obtain an EB-5 green card to develop and operate new Sonic restaurants.  South Florida gets a new restaurant and jobs and the investor obtains an EB-5 visa to live and work in the US.  So far, according to QueensFort, the EB-5 program has been 100% successful in getting EB-5 investor visa approvals.

About Sonic Corporation

2013.0910.Sonic Logo

Sonic is the largest franchisor of fast‐food drive‐in restaurants in the U.S.  it is a publicly listed company that trades on the NASDAQ under SONC, has more than 3,500 restaurants nationwide.

The brand has been part of the U.S. culture since 1953.  It is a mature concept with a business model that has proven to be successful for more than 50 years.

QueensFort will complete construction on its 4th Sonic restaurant in October 2013 and will be seeking EB‐5 investors for its 5th and 6th locations in October 2013.

All future Sonic EB‐5 transactions will utilize the same investment structure from QueensFort’s previously approved Sonic EB‐5 deals.

About QueensFort Capital Corporation

2013.0910.QueensFort Logo

QueensFort differentiates itself from other franchisees by taking the fast-food dining experience to a higher standard that fuses style and functionality.  They also differentiate themselves by serving a wide selection of wine and beer at their locations.

QueensFort financed a portion of the Sonic Miami Gardens development with foreign investor capital accessed through the EB-5 program.  They claim a 100% track record with EB-5 investor approvals for the Sonic Miami Gardens transaction and its previous EB-5 Sonic transactions.

Those interested should feel free to contact QueensFort Capital with further questions.

QueensFort Capital Corporation
1000 5th Street, Suite 223
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(T) 305.424.4444 (F) 305.402.0333