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Brazilian-Sarasotan Lourdes H Gallagher Starts New Project

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If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Sarasota immigrant Lourdes Gallagher you’ll know her by her welcoming personality and inspiring energy.  She will be humble and kind but once you start asking her questions you will realize she has an unbelievable wealth of experiences.  We recently sat down with Lourdes to record her story for

Lourdes grew up in in Rio de Janeirol.  Through constant application (working during the day and going to school at night) she became a Project Design Engineer.  She worked designing oil and sugar refineries for 5 years.  She always enjoyed design and after leaving industrial engineering started a furniture and closet manufacturing company with a partner.  She ran that for a few years until she was invited by Aeroglobal to become a director of operations in North America purchasing small airplanes and developing new business.  The company took her to Montreal and Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia she decided to contact an American friend she’d made in Brazil through her hobby, car racing.  His name was Steve.  Steve was in Detroit so Lourdes requested a transfer to Detroit, Aeroglobal agreed to establish the company in Detroit and obtained an H1-B visa for her.  One and half years later Lourdes and Steve decided to get married and Steve was able to sponsor Lourdes for a Green Card.  A few years later she was working for the same automotive company as her husband.

Lourdes lived in Detroit for the next 18 years.  She bought airplanes, became a stock-broker, worked for the Airlines, worked as an Engineer, become a Professor and interpreter.  She was working for AT&T when the company gave her the option of relocating to Phoenix or Sarasota.  She chose Sarasota.  When AT&T laid her off in 2009 she went back to school for IT project management.

Lourdes and her partners’ latest project entails installing solar panels that will provide electricity to residential homes.  She is currently working on providing “green” energy for 14 thousand homes in Brazil.  She also has another project  that will bring clean water to rural villages in a remote region of  Africa.  We wish her all the best.

If you wish to contact Lourdes you may do so through her email:

Brazilian-Sarasotan Lourdes Gallagher Points to her Village

Brazilian-Sarasotan Lourdes Gallagher Points to her Village

Immigration Sarasota Profile

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Local Sarasota Immigrant Jay Kurtz is a Business Wargamer

Jay Kurtz is a friend of ours – he and his wife are both immigrants – and a business wargamer.  Business wargamer? – you may ask.

We all remember the traditional wargames with the big boards and the miniature soldiers.   It so happens that the game of chess derives from an ancient wargame.  Interestingly, the Germans held a wargame in 1944 which predicted the Allied landing at Normandy.  It was ignored … largely because of the fake Allied army “commanded” by General Patton that tricked the Germans into thinking the Allies would land at Calais.

The American victory in the Pacific during World War II was due largely to every move being planned and tested beforehand in the gaming rooms of the Naval War College.  Today, we play Risk or enjoy other strategy games on our computers

Today, businesses use wargames the same way the military does.  A Business Wargame is a structured, disciplined, yet flexible process that can be used to help an organization to develop and test much more effective plans to succeed in the “future reality” that it will face.  A Business Wargame can be conducted to simulate any level of an organization’s planning and operations, from grand strategy, through the strategic and operational levels, to front-line tactics.

In a Business Wargame, several teams are formed to represent and role-play  the different entities that will affect the organization’s future.  Depending on the situation being wargamed, these might include, for example, investors, the organization’s markets and customers, its employees, suppliers, channels, competitors, governments and regulators.  Each team is assigned to “get into” the mindset of the entity it represents and to play its role as realistically as possible … seeing the world, making decisions and taking actions the way it would do in real-life.

Most Business Wargames require two or three days to conduct and involve several “playing rounds”.  Doing so ensures that short term decisions and actions that might win the battle but lose the war are clearly identified.

A well prepared and conducted Business Wargame is an especially effective way to convert data and information into actionable intelligence that can be used to generate much more effective plans.

A Business Wargame usually involves the use of some very powerful maps and other tools.  Depending on the situation and level of the Wargame, these might include any of Stakeholder Map, Market and Competitive Map, Silver Bullet Analysis, Decision/Selection Map and Probability/Impact Grid.

The process and its supporting tools have been used very successfully in a broad range of situations, for example:

  • Planning a move into a new market or the launch of a new product
  • Anticipating when and how a new competitor will move
  • Assessing a proposed merger, alliance or strategic partnership
  • Preparing to submit a bid for a large competitive contract
  • Dealing with conflicts among owners, management, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Testing contingency plans to deal with a variety of potential trends or events

Mr. Kurtz recently returned from a conference in Switzerland conducted by the International Institute for Management Development,  where he introduced Business Wargaming to 42 executives representing 30 companies and 25 different countries.  He spoke to them about how Business Wargaming has been used by a wide variety of organizations … global giants, medium-sized companies, smaller, entrepreneurial ventures as well as several governments.

Jay Kurtz Speaking

Jay Kurtz Speaking at IMC

If you are interested in learning more about Business Wargaming, you can contact Mr. Kurtz to obtain a copy of a list of articles, white papers and other documents he has written.  These are all available on a “professional courtesy” basis.  You can reach him at: