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Rodeo Bulls from Britain

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Galaxy Multi-Rides

Robin Whincup found success in Sarasota through manufacturing and offering mechanical bulls for sale with American staff and American materials.

His story begins in 1985 in the UK where he started a bouncy castle rental company.  As the company grew, Mr. Whincup saw an opportunity.  There were not many mechanical bulls in the UK at the time and he determined to be one of the first to provide this entertainment to his clients.  He bought a bull and shipped it to the UK.  The bull made good money but it was very difficult to transport.

Pondering this problem while at an exhibition in 1989, Mr. Whincup came across a photo booth depicting a wave and surfboard.  When he got home he designed a mechanical stand-up surf ride: “The Surf Machine“.  It was lightweight and easy to transport.  Later he added special motor to make it compatible with the Rodeo Bull and the Multi Ride was born.

The new product was easy to move.  Instead of needing 6 men to operate, the new ride only needed 2.  It took 20 minutes to set up and could fit into the smallest of venues.

In 1990 Mr. Whincup was approached by several interested buyers.  Soon production began and the orders came rolling in.  The company set up a manufacturing facility in England for international distribution.

With growing demand in the US Mr. Whincup decided to build an additional manufacturing plant here.  He settled on the Sarasota area and opened the new factory in 2008.  The company hired an all-American staff and sourced all-American materials for the bulls.  Since they set up the manufacturing base here in FL, they have achieved consecutive record breaking years for the last four years!

For more information on Galaxy Multi Rides, the mechanical bull company, please call Robin Whincup on 941 697 0324 or visit